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Many girls are at a loss. It seems that the exercises are necessary, and after 6 do not eat, but the figure is still not "Ice." Yes, and with digestion trouble. What is the matter? The root of the problem is here in the diet, but not in the exercises. Today we will talk about the basic rules of eating. May health come to you!


Water triggers metabolic processes

Water! It is the source of life and health, so the first thing to do when you wake up is to drink a glass of water. This will trigger all the important digestive processes. Before each meal, do not forget to drink water. By the way, the feeling of saturation will come much faster. Every day a person should drink about two liters of water. And yes, during sports, water is necessary to drink. Otherwise, there may be a muscle injury. But with sweet carbonated drinks, boycott. They do not quench their thirst, but they will want to drink more and more. During a meal, contrary to the myths can drink. But not with tea or mors, but with a small amount of water.


To eat better at the same time

After waking up and a glass of water, after about a quarter of an hour you can start breakfast. Remember, this is the most important meal for the whole day! Distribute the remaining meals at regular intervals (approximately every two to three hours). This has a beneficial effect on your metabolism. It is recommended that proteins and fats make up 25 percent of your diet. Reduce the number of animal fats. Your friends are fatty fish and vegetable oils.

For an hour and a half before training, it is better to refresh yourself, as it is better not to engage in an empty stomach. Preference is best given to complex carbohydrates, which are longer digested and the body gradually releases sugar. If you did not have time to eat in time, then half an hour before a workout, you can arrange a snack from a banana or yogurt. Until noon, you can eat high-calorie food, in moderation, of course. The last meal should be two or three hours before bedtime. The myth that after 18:00 there is no way - just a myth.


Eat only quality products

And you knew that carbohydrates such as fruits, cereals, honey and vegetables should be eaten mainly at the beginning of the day, but after lunch in your diet must dominate the proteins: meat, dairy products, fish. The basis of your daily diet should be such products as: bread, nuts, honey, lean meat, vegetables, fruits. And no, you can not burger! Even with vegetables. For our body, plant seeds are extremely useful, for example, flax, chia, sesame. Try to add them to salads or soups - very tasty and useful. It is better to bake, stew or cook for a couple than to spoil the most delicious little fish with butter, cooking in a frying pan.

Determine for yourself the daily rate of calories. If you reduce weight - make a calorie deficit from the norm. When recruiting mass - a surplus. When choosing dairy products, give preference to low-calorie, but not fat-free. Eliminate sweet and flour from your diet. And if you really want something "such" - once a month you can arrange yourself a cheat. On this day you can eat any harmful, but such a favorite food.
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