How to choose godparents for a child?

The choice of godparents for a child is a matter that requires a serious approach. The decision must be weighed and considered. Otherwise, after a certain time, you will have to reproach yourself for the ill-considered choice. Are there any criteria that need to be followed when choosing future kulaks?

Close relatives

These are the best candidates for the role of godparents for a beloved child. In this case, there is no doubt that the candidate chosen will not go anywhere and will always support the godson in difficult moments.

The most successful option - this is the sister's sisters or parents' brothers. Especially successful, if the age of close relatives is not much different.

You can also take godparents and other family members who have expressed a desire to become direct participants in this church sacrament.

Friends of the family

Often, close friends are taken to the bays, who both in grief and in joy support the family and all its members. People, without which there is not a single family celebration - often they become the godmothers of the newborn.


When choosing future cronies, their age should also be taken into account. It's better if they are young people. Since they will be the spiritual advisers of the baby and in adulthood, when he will already grow up.

Moral principles and beliefs

The main argument in favor of this or that candidate. If a person is kind, treats children well, then his financial situation is absolutely unimportant. Such a godfather will be an excellent counselor for the child. It can be safely taken to the godfathers.
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