Trifles that will necessarily spoil your image

There is such an old expression as - "Beauty in the details". Fashion designers around the world carefully think through every element of their image. But there are also gaps that become a "rotten zest" that has spoiled the whole impression of the dress and make-up. How can this happen? Well, firstly, by ignorance, and secondly, some things become so familiar that we stop to notice them. Let's highlight particularly blatant beauty-failures, which should be paid attention in the first place.


Do you use self-tanning?

Very cautiously, even wary should be treated with autosunburn. If improperly applied, you can turn into a spotty animal. And the smell of self-tanning products is not the most pleasant. Allergies again. If you really need a tanning - it is better to go to the solarium.

Very long marigolds

Caution! Long nails

Hypertrophically long marigolds have long been out of fashion. Yes, and very uncomfortable. Such a manicure immediately turns you into a predator, so if you are soft and fluffy by nature - hide the claws - this is Movietone.

Perfume surplus

Light notes of perfume

How romantic, when after leaving a woman in the room there is a slight smell of her perfume. The key word here is easy. If there is a trail of fragrance behind you - it's not at all. You automatically look older, and it's hard for people to communicate with you because of the intrusive smell. By the way, many people are allergic to the smell of perfume. It is better to apply perfume on the comb, and then comb the hair, as well as lightly apply the fragrance to the wrists.

Peeled lacquer

Oh, beautiful and discreet jacket!

Girls, never leave the house, if at least on one nail you have a peeled off varnish. Leave only if you go to the master of manicure. That's what really gives the untidiness of women and disregard for themselves so these are the remnants of lacquer on the nails. Overlapping the old varnish with a new layer is also not the best option. It is better to completely remove the paint from your fingers - and accurately and naturally.

Volumetric and heavy earrings

Use accessories with the mind

Of course, this is a very bright attribute of the image, besides, three-dimensional decorations are often in the trend, but there is one thing. Always try on jewelry before buying. Do not allow the earrings to pull off the earlobe. This is both unhelpful and ugly.

Dirty hair

The head should always be bright and clean

Absolutely any image can spoil unwashed hair. You can have a dress from a famous fashion designer, make a professional make-up and shackle yourself in Labuteny, but hair will spoil the image immediately and in everything. If you need to urgently go somewhere, and you have a crow's nest on your head, it's better to sacrifice time for make-up, but you must wash your hair.

Tights with "tan"

Hands and feet should be the same color

"Tanned" pantyhose will not make you more beautiful if your other body is pale. Your body must be the same color. You do not want to look ridiculous, do you? Match the color of the "pigtail" to your current skin color. You can experiment with tight tights, if the image allows, of course. In general, the color of pantyhose is a terrible question - you need to choose the color so that you do not repel others, but complement your image.

Do you wear heirs?

There are no invisible socks and heels!

Here we are constantly laughing at men in socks and sandals, and we ourselves carry with barefoot heels and socks made of nylon. Believe me, it also looks strange. Despite the fact that they are almost transparent - they are still visible! It is better to use special insoles and liners.

Transparent straps

No - silicone straps!

These friends are also from the topic "transparent, but noticeable." Under certain lighting, they generally start to shine. In addition, they are constantly stretched and slid, which gives the image an even more wild look. It's better to give up such details at all - you're not a sausage with the remnants of a film? Buy yourself a better beautiful underwear.

Colored and velvet gum

You can use a silk ribbon or completely close the elastic band with a string of hair

Worse than this can only be a combination - a multi-colored velvet gum. In the popular series "Sex and the City", the main character especially notes that such an accessory gives out a girl provincial in the streets of New York. It does not matter which streets - but the green rubber band with the hairs that have been wound on it, and also the kindergarten "butterflies" and "cubes" give the bad taste of the hostess.

Leggings with short blouses

Do not forget to wear a skirt

Such a combination will put people around on the idea that you forgot to put on a skirt. Leggings, leggings and other tight-fitting panties without pronounced pockets and belts are worn only with elongated blouses, tunics, etc. In other words, cover your ass, even if it's stunningly beautiful.

Inappropriate ornaments

Does not mean anymore - it's better

We get used to wearing a cross on a string, a plastic ring donated by a daughter or niece, and also a lot of other tinsel. But, girls, jewelry should be combined with a dress, and not just hang, where they hung. The same applies to broken jewelry. Even if it is a pendant made of white gold with a diamond, but with a flaw. Do not carry on yourself - carry in repair. An excess of jewelry can also play a cruel joke. You are not a dummy for accessories, and all the more not a Christmas tree.

And now lifhak!

The image must be completed

Worried that your image will have such a wormy "zest"? Look at yourself in the mirror as if for the first time. Appreciate all the elements of the costume and accessories! Then go back to our list of beauty-failures. And only after that go out into the light.
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