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We do not even remember when we started giving flowers to women. In Russia, this custom took root in the XIX. But at first bouquets were presented only to actresses, and later bought also to beloved girls and women. Flowers have become a symbol of love, respect, a sign of attention and a special relationship. But they have one significant drawback. Yes, they smell nice and pleasing to the eye, but not for long. Later the bouquet is in the trash can. This can not but upset the one to whom he was presented. But, if you want memories of a memorable date to warm you a few more years, you can give an eternal rose in a flask.

Why the rose in the flask does not wilt

Cut flowers, which remain unchanged from 3 to 5 years, are called stabilized. So that they do not wilt, they are treated in a special way. All the moisture from the rose is first evaporated. Then replace it with a special composition, with glycerin. This composition blocks the process of photosynthesis and slows the regeneration of the plant. The flower looks like it has just been cut off for a long time, and does not require special care: watering, sunny color, fertilizing.

Is it true that such a rose will remain in the flask for 5 years? With proper care can stand longer, up to 8 years. But on average, such flowers do not fade for 3-5 years. If you unintentionally break the flask, the rose will die. You can not leave the flower in the cold or in the cold. It's not worth keeping it in the sun, otherwise it will fade. If you follow these rules, the flower will please you for many years.

Advantages of such a gift

You can buy an ordinary bouquet or spend on an original gift - a rose in a flask. It's up to you to decide, but this presentation has many advantages:

  • the flower will spend several years next to you, reminding you of a solemn date or a special day;

  • It does not require special care, it can be stored where it is convenient;

  • it is a living rose, and it was not possible to create something more beautiful than real flowers;

  • an excellent souvenir, if desired, they can decorate the banquet table or make an interesting composition in the gazebo, at home;

  • an original gift, will suit both those who, as they say "everything is";

  • a rose can be given to women with allergies to other flowers, because through the sealed glass in the house can not get the pollen of the plant.

Everyone who bought such roses as a gift, note their extraordinary beauty. In the photo they look not so chic. But in the original, as some customers write, "I almost choked with such beauty." The rose in the flask is a good gift, matched with taste. It will be appreciated by those who love everything beautiful in life and treats souvenirs well. Even if the main thing is not a gift, but attention, a rose in a flask will remind you of for many years.
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