Programming languages ​​for programming

So, have you decided to study any or several programming languages ​​at once? Where to begin? Search for a live mentor, go for full-time or online courses? How to be?

The answer to the question "Why?"

First of all, it is necessary to determine the reasons that led to the desire to plunge into the sphere of IT technologies and master one of the programming languages. There can be several reasons. The most common are:
  • desire to automate processes on their main work, not related to programming;
  • change of the field of activity, the desire to join the IT industry;
  • the need to solve this or that programming task, for the successful or convenient solution of which another language is needed.

"Vaitishniki" and with what they eat

Such an expression is often applied to people who radically change their professional activities and try to get into IT by hook or by crook.

Do they go to work? Often not. Unfortunately, there is an experience that these brave guys unfortunately lack.

A systematic question arises: what are the reasons for such a general retraining in Junior Software Developer? One of the reasons - high salaries (by local, but not by Western standards). We must not forget that everywhere it is necessary to work and study a lot. Spread out all the 200%, so that at least a little something to achieve.

Where to learn the basics?

A good free online course, which will be useful for all newcomers, is the CS50 from Harvard University. It is freely available on Youtube or the edX platform. It is designed for people with different levels of knowledge (including beginners).

Consists of lectures and practical assignments. You can learn programming languages ​​such as C, JavaScript, and Python.

There are many educational portals on which free courses are laid out. Among the most popular are Coursera, edX, Stepic.
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