Movies about strong women

Strong, self-sufficient women - a topic that is fully revealed in many films. To achieve something in life, to discover one's own potential, not to depend on the stronger sex-such a desire became dominant in the minds of modern ladies. It's not about feminism, which implies taking a man's responsibilities. The films about which we will speak speak of women - strong personalities who are ready to change the world.

Smile of the Mona Lisa

Gioconda. What hides her smile?

A film about the self-realization of women in the fifties in the United States. This is a young teacher of art history, who went to teach her subject at one of the most prestigious women's colleges in the country.

The educational institution is a conveyor, which prepares the girls for a married life. Yes, third-party subjects are taught there. But by and large, marriage is the main goal of the lion's share of female students.

And then, by some miracle, a teacher takes a job in college, which teaches the girls not to be afraid to show their own opinion. A difficult question is raised, being a housewife is a sentence or an opportunity to realize oneself as a "keeper of the home"?

Each representative of the fair sex should make for herself an informed choice - to realize oneself, to get a profession and education or to become a housewife (to monitor the house, children, husband). And is it possible to succeed in both hypostases?

To live according to one's own laws, without changing one's ideals, is the highest degree of courage in this life.

The Devil Wears Prada

Meet on clothes, and see off on the mind. Most often in life it is just like that. There are two main characters in the story. Smart, self-sufficient, strong women.

Podium and fashion - a role model for many girls

First - the editor of a fashion magazine, which is considered the world's leading designers of clothing. She managed to achieve a lot in life. Respect, prestige, money, own magazine. The only thing that she does not work in life is the relationship with men. Several marriages - and, as a result, several divorces.
When success comes to one of the partners at work - the relationship is broken.
The second heroine is a young girl, yesterday's student. She has a beloved young man and a lot of ambition. She's smart. The only drawback of the girl is the neglect of fashion, her own clothes and appearance in general. And this promising lady is hired in a fashion magazine.

What will come of this? What is more important - dressing in fashion brands or piles of books read and education? Or is it the most important thing in a person - is it the ability to work and grasp everything on the fly?
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