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In the morning, half asleep, I do not always want to cook. But it is necessary, especially if the family has children. It turns out that a healthy breakfast can be collected in 15-20 minutes. The main thing, of course, is not the speed of cooking a particular dish, but its usefulness for the organism. Today, let's talk about what breakfasts, according to nutritionists, pediatricians are most useful for children, and tell you what to feed them is not worth it.

Harmful breakfasts

A number of foods should not be eaten on an empty stomach, since they can damage the stomach. What is it worth to refuse, making the morning menu:
  1. Cereal. In any American movie, we see how children happily eat delicious crispy balls with milk. It seems to be tasty and saves a lot of time! But the US scientists themselves found that in such breakfasts there is almost nothing useful, but a lot of sugar. This food is also harmful because of the jumps in blood sugar. As soon as the amount of sugar falls, the feeling of hunger will return. In 1-1, 5 hours your child again wants to eat, and breakfast a second time, if, for example, she goes to school, it does not always work.
  2. Fruit. We all know that fruits are useful. But do not eat them on an empty stomach. Rough fiber, which is found in many fruits, will irritate the stomach and lead to a number of unpleasant symptoms: pain, a feeling of heaviness, excessive gas formation. So, in citrus there is an acid that irritates the stomach. If your child will eat a few oranges or tangerines every morning before eating breakfast cereal, over time he may develop gastritis.
  3. Sour milk products, yogurts. Kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt, yogurt we drink not only for the sake of calcium and other useful microelements, but also because they contain useful bacteria. They help to digest food, improve our health. Early in the morning, there is no food in our stomach, but gastric juice is already secreted. If the child drinks kefir, this gastric juice will kill all bacteria, and the benefit from it will be minimal. Therefore, it is better to drink sour milk drinks in the evening or at least after a meal.
  4. Curd cheese curd. This is an excellent dessert, which can replace sweets or biscuits, but not a full breakfast. They have too much sugar, taste enhancers.
  5. Fresh rolls. A crispy bun with an appetizing crust looks very attractive. But for breakfast it is better to pick up something else, since fresh pastry causes increased gas formation, bloating.

Better than breakfast

So what to feed the child then? Let's talk about the most common breakfasts recommended by nutritionists:
  1. Porridge. The fact that this is the most useful breakfast, know, probably, everything. Any porridge, from simple oatmeal to millet and buckwheat, will do. If your baby refuses to eat it, and long carries a spoon on a plate, do not despair. Add to the porridge frozen berries: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries. The most useful porridge is oatmeal.
  2. Omelette and fried eggs. This is a hearty and very useful breakfast. The body not only gets the right energy, but also a large number of proteins, vitamins B12, D, antioxidants and amino acids. To somehow diversify the menu, you can make a "green" omelette, generously sprinkling it with herbs (parsley, dill, onions). Or quickly cook scrambled eggs with cheese, with ketchup, tomato paste. Turn on your imagination, just before you feed your child, make sure that it's edible.
  3. Cottage cheese. You can buy special cottage cheese for children. In the shops all the shelves are littered with multicolored boxes full of mouth-watering delicacy. You can buy ordinary cottage cheese and mix it with sour cream or melted milk. The child can not help but like this useful and tasty breakfast. In an extreme case, bake cottage cheese cakes or casserole.
  4. Pancakes. Calorie and simple breakfast. To interest the child, you can bake not just round pancakes, but try to do something more unusual: a flower, a hare with elongated ears, a bear's face, etc.
Whichever breakfast you choose, try to feed the child not only tasty, but also satisfying. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal, because the baby should be charged with energy for the whole day.
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