Vacations in the city

Well, if you can send a child for the summer to relatives in the village or go with him to the country, to the sea. But, unfortunately, not everyone has such an opportunity. However, if you want, you can spend time in the city equally interesting and productive.

Walks in the open air

The most useful and natural pastime is walking. In the daytime, when it's very hot, you should not go out. The child can overheat, get a sun or heat stroke, burn in the sun. Therefore it is better to walk early in the morning or closer to the evening. Than you can do for a walk:
  1. Let him play in the company of other children.
  2. Have a picnic. Take with you some food, enough water, a ball, badminton, etc., as well as an old blanket. A picnic can be organized both in your country house, and in the nearest forest or park. Weave wreaths of wild flowers, play, relax, and then you can have a snack together, and the food will seem the most delicious and mouth-watering. You can arrange a photo session in such a wreath, and later create interesting collages.
  3. Organize a show of soap bubbles. If before, children blown soap bubbles with straws and shampoo, now there is a huge selection of different adaptations. With the help of them, you can blow out huge bubbles, as well as many small ones.
  4. Run the kite. You do not have to glue it yourself, you can buy a kite in the store. If the street is windy, leave the whole family to the street and show the child how to properly launch it into the sky.
  5. Treasure Hunt. Children love adventure, and if desired, parents can easily organize them. Buy in the store any thing that will become a treasure. It can be kinder surprises, chocolates, toys, anything, anything. Hide it in some corner of the park unnoticed by the baby. In advance, draw a map on which the child and his friends will look for treasure.
  6. Teach your baby to take pictures. Do you have an old camera or phone that does not mind? Give it to the child and teach him to take pictures. Let him take pictures of everything he likes: the sky, trees, bugs on the grass. Suddenly you will help to reveal the talent of the child.
  7. Run through the puddles. If it's raining outside, you can run after the child with puddles in rubber boots, run a boat in the puddle, throw stones at it. Or teach him how, as a child, throw a penny in a puddle over his head, and make wishes.
  8. Observe the ants. It is very exciting. So they dragged the caterpillar to their anthill or needle to build a house. Put them a piece of sugar. The ants immediately cling to it and will eat. You can also watch the ladybirds or butterflies.

Other Activities

Walking on the street is fun and useful, but you can not spend all day on the street. What else can you take your child for?
  1. Keep track of all activities that take place in your city. Try not to miss holidays, master classes for children, where your child can have fun in the company of other children.
  2. If it's good weather, go to the beach. There you can swim, build sandcastles, collect pebbles. And you can arrange a battle on water pistols. This is the most exciting and fun activity, especially for boys.
  3. Go to the fountain. What can be more fun than catching a spray of fountains on a hot summer day?
  4. Together grow a plant. If there is a cottage, the child will constantly run among the beds and watch how the carrot or beet grows. But in the apartment you can plant on the balcony flowers, peas, special small varieties of tomatoes. So your little one learns to look after plants, enjoy the first harvest.
  5. Learn something new. You can show your daughter how to sew a button or how to sew two pieces of cloth. With his son, you can glue a fortress from boxes or make a kite. You can learn to cook some simple dish, draw cartoon characters, glue beautiful applications. There are many options!
  6. Make a note in the library. Find out where the nearest children's library is and write a child into it. Of course, you can buy books in the store, but the library is a whole uncharted world, rows of shelves filled with books, a special atmosphere. You can sit in the reading room, look through particularly valuable books, watch magazines or newspapers.
  7. Go to the museum. While studying for this simply does not remain time and effort. But in the summer holidays you can stroll through the cold echoing halls, touch valuable exhibits and briefly become part of the world that has long been left in the past.
Whatever you come up with, the main thing - spend it fun. While the children are small, you can postpone all your important affairs, and devote your time to them, since in 8-10 years, in the foreground they will have friends. Catch these moments of happiness and enjoy it! Happy holidays!
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