How to decorate a room?

The room should have a feeling that it is residential. To do this, you need to decorate it according to your taste preferences and hobbies. Entering the room, the guest should understand what kind of person lives here - what breathes, what he likes, how he spends his free time. His Majesty Decoration will create a mood in the room, which in the first place will be in harmony with the mental state of the permanent inhabitant.


A multifaceted and diverse way of decor is enough. To such it is possible to carry:
  • embroidered paintings;
  • paintings of professional artists - written in oil, watercolor or gouache;
  • children's creations - the first samples of the pen in fine art;
  • paintings, written by numbers, you can draw them yourself.

Starry Night - one of the most famous paintings of Vincent Van Gogh

Pictures - a worthy replacement for Soviet carpets. They can decorate any room - whether it's a children's room or a bedroom.


A tricky maneuver capable of visually expanding the space. Particularly impressive mirrors look the size of human growth. It seems that the room goes to infinity.

Mirror is a proven way to visually increase space

Such a reception would be appropriate in small rooms, which need to be visually increased.


Live flowers are the best decor for any room. It can be small flowers in pots, huge palms in human growth or flowers in vases.

Orchids - delicate decoration of the room

But not artificial! Such elements of decor do not belong in the dwelling house.

In the kitchen, small flowering plants in pots will be appropriate. In the hall it is better to arrange a huge palm tree or ficus, the height of which passed through 1 meter.

Musical instruments

Each of us has his hobbies. They directly affect the decor of the premises, where you spend your free time.

Guitar - the opportunity at any time to play for yourself and loved ones

Playing musical instruments is one of the most common hobbies. In the guitarist's room, you can hardly find a trombone or cello. Surely the walls of the rooms will be covered with various guitars. And next to them there will be posters of favorite performers.


An element of decor, which can be found in almost any room of a wide stratum of the population. Basically, it's young people. After all, at the age of 12-18 you find yourself an idol, you are equal to him, you try to be similar in everything.

Teenage rooms most often represent a gallery of posters. Various performers, stars, actors. In such rooms you can get lost in the variety of posters adorning all the free space.

Furniture in a certain style

A single style is the key to success in the whole interior

The selected style determines the availability of appropriate furniture. In a room dominated by a high-tech style, the Provence-style table will not be appropriate.


The photo on the wall is a wonderful opportunity to remember the bright moments of the past

This is the most individual way of decor. Any room can and should be decorated with printed photographs. It can be close friends, loved ones, children - anyone who deserves a place in your heart.

The most memorable moments of life - graduation, wedding, the birth of a child - all worthy of being captured in the pictures and decorating the room.
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