Stop, heartburn! Potato juice rushes to the rescue

Often overeating and abundant fatty foods lead to unpleasant sensations in the subcostal area.

As they say, hello, heartburn!

When pain is an episodic phenomenon caused by malnutrition, it is not so scary.

And what should we do for those who suffer from repeated anguish and intensify each time?

Go to the gastroenterologist.

But while you wait for the campaign to the doctor or suffer from a festive feast, use folk remedies. Potato juice will ease the pain.

So, we are preparing a precious drug.

Root properties

Potato has long been considered a wonderful healer. Because of the cheapness of this vegetable - a constant guest in our kitchen. It includes organic acids, mineral salts and other useful substances. These components reduce the acidity of the stomach, relieving the esophagus from agonizing burning.

Features of the preparation of juice

Heat treatment of potatoes kills precious vitamins, reducing the utility of the vegetable to zero. So, squeeze out the medicinal juice from it. Root the root, choose a young, not stale. Since over time, the tubers accumulate poison - solonine, which poisons the body. The suitable season is from July to February.

To prepare the medicine you need an electric juicer and 5-6 medium-sized potatoes. It turns out 200 grams of drink.

If you want, use the "grandfather" method: squeeze the juice from the grated tubers with gauze. But this method will take more time. And in view of the constant rush, every minute is precious.

We take the medicine correctly

To help the medicine, it is important to take it right.

Here are 5 features.
  1. Leave a glass of freshly prepared juice for 3 minutes before using, but not more. Let the starch precipitate.
  2. Drink freshly squeezed potato juice 3 times a day, half an hour before meals. But working people find it difficult to allocate time for this. Let it be at least once, in the morning, before breakfast.
  3. Then lie on the bed for half an hour. So the drug will quickly reach the goal: envelop the esophagus and tighten the wound.
  4. You are treated for 10 days, not more. Otherwise, the juice will have a harmful effect on the pancreas. After a break in 1-2 weeks continue. And so - the session 2-3.
  5. To fix the result, it is desirable to repeat the course every six months or a year. But this is for those who have chronic heartburn. People with episodic pain will benefit from a one-time course.
Caution, this therapy is contraindicated for diabetics, as well as people suffering from gastritis and peptic ulcer disease!

Use potato juice wisely. Do not let heartburn cloud your life. But to calm down your conscience, go to the doctor. It does not matter what kind of pain - single or chronic.

Be healthy!
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