The best cartoons Pixar

Pixar is a unique animation studio. Especially remembered short cartoons, endowed with a deep meaning. In the arsenal of Pixar, not only shorts. Not less exciting and entertaining were great cartoons, shot in the best traditions of animation.

Monsters corporation

The history of the city in which the monsters live. "Monsters' corporation" is a company supplying the city with electricity. Electric energy is extracted from child's crying and crying. Employees go to children's rooms around the world and come to the kids during sleep and scare.

The story of the friendship of two friends-monsters Mike Vazovsky and his best friend James Sullivan. Both are the best employees of the Monsters Corporation. These two are destined to make a real revolution in the minds of the inhabitants of Monstropolis. They managed to prove that children are not "deadly creatures". Sally and Mike Vazovski were the first to make friends with a little girl from the world of people.

The cartoon reveals the truth that laughter is much stronger than crying. Sincere children's fun and joy will overcome any sorrows.


A tale of a rat who dreamed of cooking. The story that dreams (no matter how ridiculous they did not seem) come true. If all around including relatives and friends say "you can not do anything", do not get upset and still persevere towards your goal.

The protagonist of the cartoon is Rat Remy. He had a special culinary talent. Remi whole life dreamed of using it in practice. If you really want something, it will come true. The main thing is to be true to your dream .

In search of Dori

A cartoon about the love of parents, which does not stale even after many years. What is real friendship? The answer to this question will be learned by everyone who will look "In search of Dory".


What happens in the head of each of us? Who or what controls emotions and actions?

The main characters of the cartoon are emotions - Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. And once Joy and Sorrow randomly fall on the vast expanses of labyrinths of long-term memory. How well will the remaining emotions be able to replace the loss? And as a girl, in whose head such a "porridge" was brewed, can do without Joy and Sorrow?


Very wise, philosophical cartoon. Realistically, it tells about what will happen after humanity transfers the reins of government into the hands of robots.

People weigh more than 100 kilograms and spend their entire lives in automatic chairs, which move them to their destination. Space travel. Infinite flight in an unknown direction. And while people do not even know that they are on their ship. They do not look, do not admire the stars surrounding the cosmos. All that is occupied by mankind is communication on video communication with the surrounding passengers of the ship.

And at this time, a distant house - the planet Earth - is stuffed to the eyeballs with garbage, which is occupied by special robots WALL-E. One of them is very unusual. He collects interesting things in his bunker, watches old films, listens to music. Robot with a developed sense of beauty.

Cartoon uncommon, wise. It will be to the liking of both adults and children. This is a warning about something that should never be allowed.
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