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Beauty is a terrible power. Unfortunately, with age to support this strength you need more time and attention. Turgor cells of the human body is reduced, which leads to the depletion of the cell walls, and as one of the consequences appears flabbiness of the skin.

To date, medicine has not come up with a formula for eternal youth or a procedure for stopping human aging, but there are many ways to detain or hide natural biological processes. One of the most popular methods for rejuvenating facial skin are injections of botulinum toxin.

Plastic surgery is not scary

Many women and men feel the need to look better and younger. Fortunately, the modern world gives this opportunity and visually allows people for a long time not to fall out of the reproductive period of middle age. Caring for your appearance is not an excess, but a responsible approach to social development.

Many are afraid of serious plastic surgery, in the sphere with the scalpel, one can often encounter unprofessionalism or a mistake of a specialist, which, unfortunately, will be practically impossible to correct. In this regard, cosmetic surgery, to her are injections of botulinum toxin, wins on a variety of points.

Cosmetic surgery allows you to look better without affecting serious physiological processes, but only by adjusting the natural state of the skin. For this reason, the attitude with distrust towards this sphere of personal care has no justified reasons.

What is Botox?

Botox known to us is a protein toxin that reduces the activity of the neuromuscular system. Like any chemical substance in a certain dosage, it can be either a medicine or a poison. In medicine, botulinum toxin is used to treat muscle hyperactivity, cosmetic surgery uses small doses of Botox solution to relax some facial muscles and to strain others.

Anatomy of the face, namely the face is the area of ​​application of botulinum toxin for the purpose of rejuvenation, is very complex in its structure. For these purposes, only qualified specialists are engaged in cosmetic surgery.

Despite the fact that many people want to get rid of wrinkles all over the face, botox is effective only in its upper third. This area includes horizontal frontal muscles, muscle intertransference and the area of ​​the circular muscles of the eye, which form wrinkles, called "goose paws."

How Does Botox Work?

The principle of the procedure for injecting the inhibitory activity of muscle toxins is very simple:
  • the introduction of botulinum toxin into the muscles of the face, namely, in mimic muscles, not subcutaneously, not in capillaries and vessels
  • within 20 minutes after the administration of the protein toxin solution is absorbed and there is no trace of injections
  • depending on the individual metabolism and the reaction of the body, the effect of Botox action is visible on day 2-14
  • some muscles of the face relax, the skin is smoothed, other muscles are straining, which can serve as a correction for the facial expressions of the upper part of the face, or rather, the shape of the eyebrows
In dosages used in the field of cosmetology, botox can not harm the human body. Botulotoxin and so it is contained in our body, so allergic reactions to botox are rare individual deviations. Botox is not addictive or addictive, as ignorant people sometimes claim. Botox injections have a long, but not an eternal effect. Therefore, after 4-6 months after the first procedure, the introduced substance finally dissolves and ceases to act on the muscles of the face. This natural chemical process is the cause of regular cosmetology injections for the sake of rejuvenation, rather than drug dependence.

Mimic muscles are very small and active, and from the action of Botox they can not atrophy. Botox does not rejuvenate skin cells, it only increases its tension and visually the turgor of cells becomes higher. Therefore, when coming to the beauty salon, do not ask the experts for the impossible. In the modern world there are still no such tools that would restore and rejuvenate the structure of animal cells.

There is a noticeable fact that with prolonged use of this procedure, the facial skin becomes cleaner and better, it can be justified both by the protein nature of Botox, and by the better absorption of nutrients. Thus, the administration of botulinum toxin is that cosmetic procedure that helps to look better and younger without harm to the body. To some extent, Botox injections bring more benefits than the use of decorative cosmetics, which accelerates the aging of cells.

Indications for administration of botulinum toxin

The administration of botulinum toxin can be prescribed only by a physician with muscular diseases. Your cosmetician can only advise you these procedures and indicate the individual muscle characteristics, the necessary places of administration. Careless to treat these cosmetic injections is not worth it. This is a very laborious work, requiring fundamental knowledge from a specialist, since the arrangement of muscles and blood vessels has its own peculiarities. Therefore, you can not save on procedures of this kind, and always require a qualified specialist.

The main age range of Botox use starts from 30 years and ends with 60 years. Earlier 30-35 years (depending on the individuality of the body) to do injections is useless, skin cells themselves have a high natural turgor.

Botox makes sense to enter only in the upper part of the face, if you are offered to enter it into the area of ​​mouth wrinkles or cheeks - you can be sure that the expert before you is not qualified and no longer needs to be treated. Unfortunately, many beauty salons set themselves the task of raising their earnings and can unprofessionally treat the medical side of the issue. If you decide on the procedure for introducing Botox and are afraid that the result may not satisfy you, do not forget that the effect of its action is temporary. And it is not necessary to re-enter the procedure.

  • to think about smoothing wrinkles is only after 30-35 years, when your cells begin to wear out
  • be sure to consult before the procedure with a professional beautician to establish the features of introducing Botox in your individual case
  • Do not worry about the malfunctioning effect


Botulinum toxin injections are dangerous for pregnant women, it can have unpredictable effects on fetal development. It is also worthwhile to refrain from this cosmetic procedure for nursing mothers.

People with hypersensitivity to various drugs will take responsibility, initially consulting with a doctor and passing the tests to check the reaction before the drug. Otherwise, a specialist who is uninformed about a possible allergic reaction is not responsible for the consequences.

It is forbidden to come to a cosmetologist in a state of intoxication, not only because of ethical-moral principles, but also because botulinum toxin is poorly absorbed in the body in the presence of alcohol.

People with viral diseases or contraindications from treating doctors should not risk their health and inject into the weakened organism protein toxins in the form of Botox molecules.

It is forbidden to administer botulinum toxin at a time when you are taking antibiotics or potent drugs.

In the presence of hemophilia, these cosmetic procedures are contraindicated. It is very important to avoid injections of botulinum toxin in the planning of the child, in the early filling of the fetus, the presence of an excess of heavy protein toxin can seriously disrupt its intrauterine development and vital processes.

Consequences of the operation and the postoperative period

The consequences of the introduction of the bottek are extremely positive, - the skin of the face is smoothed, fine wrinkles disappear, the quality of the upper layer of the epithelium is improved. At some point people come to the conclusion that sometimes rejuvenation with botulinum toxin is much safer and more effective than face lifts.

Despite its insignificance, injections of the botteque are operational in nature and require a certain recovery period. The plus of this aesthetic plastic is that after the procedure the patient does not need to stay at home, he can immediately do his own business. And it's even necessary, after injections it is desirable to stay for several hours in an upright position, so that the solution of botulinum toxin is evenly distributed at given points. In the same purpose, it is worthwhile to train facial expressions of the upper part of the face after injections, sometimes you can grimace a few hours near the mirror. It is forbidden several days after the procedure to try to do a facial massage on your own, this can lead to a distortion of the result of the injection.

Since botulinum toxin is a chemical substance, it has its own interactions with surrounding elements. Therefore, several weeks after the procedure, until the concentration of protein toxin does not subside, it is necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol and visiting saunas, baths, where the pores of the face expand. Often there are cases when the patient does not follow the postoperative recovery and afterwards complaints are received about the specialists. Such situations are an irresponsible approach to one's health. The postoperative period is no less important than the introduction of Botox.

Therefore, the result of this cosmetic plastic depends as much on the specialist as on the patient. If you will be attentive to your health, the effect of Botox injections will not disappoint you.

Deficiencies that this operation corrects

Botox corrects a lot of relief defects of the face, and also with the help of botulinum toxin solution you can achieve the following results:
  • facial expressions changes
  • wrinkle smoothing
  • to a certain extent, to reduce involuntary nervous reflexes, if they exist
  • improving the quality of the stratum corneum
  • visual rejuvenation

What do you need to know about injections of botulinum toxin?

Summarizing, it is possible to formulate what is the injection of botulinum toxin. Botulinum toxin is a molecular protein poison, which in a certain dosage has a positive effect and is actively used in medicine and cosmetic plastic.

The injection of botulinum toxin is a physiological solution with a small fraction of the content of this poison. When injected into the muscle, botulinum toxin inhibits its activity, the muscle relaxes and, thus, the skin of the face is smoothed. The effect of Botox in the body is from 3 to 7 months. In no case should you abuse these injections and do them more often than once every 3 months.

The procedure itself is quite fast and the swelling from the injected injection disappears 20 minutes after its end. Another four hours after the injections are carried out in an upright position. On average, one procedure for the administration of botulinum toxin accounts for 50 cubes of solute. Therefore, watch the work of specialists to avoid a substandard operation. Botulinum toxin is not harmful to health and is only a visual rejuvenating agent in aesthetic surgery. Botox injections do not cause addiction, but only require a periodicity in order to maintain the result.

Such a cosmetic operation has its contraindications, which are described above, and which are worth observing. The doctor is not responsible for the unsatisfactory effect after the operation.

Thanks to the introduction of botulinum toxin, the facial skin looks younger and its quality improves. There are different ways to look younger, aesthetic plastic with Botox - one of the safest and most effective.

How much can this procedure cost?

The cost of Botox treatment varies depending on the quality of care and the level of specialists. On average, the cost of one botox injection is 20 y. e. Lower cost derivatives from botulinum, such as dysport and lantox, have a lower cost.

In cosmetic salons and plastic clinics prices will be very different, sometimes the cost shows the level of professional service. But also in the beauty salons highly qualified specialists can work. Do not pursue cheap injections of botulinum toxin, you can run into low-quality materials and false experts.
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