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My home is my castle. Behind this phrase one can understand not only family cohesion, but also common comfort, reliability and convenience of home.

In the modern age, great importance is played by comfort and aesthetics of housing. It's always nice to be in a beautifully furnished house or apartment. When you are surrounded by a good interior, cozy atmosphere and tastefully selected furniture - you rest not only physically, but also morally.

How to find your design?

Finding the right design is a very difficult and painstaking work. It is necessary to take into account the individual taste, the color range, the structure of the working material and many other factors. Often a person himself can not be competent in all these areas. In such cases, it is worth contacting specialists.

Professional designers are not only artists, they are planners and builders at the same time. Using the help of a designer, you can be sure not only in the quality of the project, but also in the quality of its implementation.

To date, there are a variety of styles of interior, a variety of materials and original solutions that can confuse and make the final choice difficult. Therefore, it is very important to start any repair with the development of a design project that will fix and describe any of your solutions.

What is a design project?

The design project is the original plan for the whole future kind of house or apartment. In some way the project is an instruction to repair. In this manual, you specify not only the arrangement of furniture and the color of the wallpaper, but also any measurements, footage and building material. The design project gives a precise idea of ​​the type and structure of the interior even before the beginning of its implementation.

Any design project consists of three main stages:

  • Planning solution with furniture arrangement and taking into account the individual taste of the customer
  • 3D modeling and selection of materials
  • Transfer of the interior to the drawings
The first item includes the development of the future style and direction of the interior, it is at this stage that you inform the designer about your wishes and your vision of housing as much as possible. It is very important to take responsibility responsibly to the work of a professional and as accurately as possible to explain to him what you want. The main task of the designer is to answer the question how to achieve this.

At the second stage of the design project, a 3D model of the interior is being built, on which you can see an exact copy of the future repair. Also selected is the building material and the quality of furniture, the final cost of the project is calculated.

The third stage is completed by drawing up drawings, accurate calculations of future parts of the interior and counting the amount of building material. Also included in this stage is the drawing of schemes for the placement of lamps and sockets, ceilings and floors, switches and furniture, wall finishing, sewerage and much more.

A good design project has many pluses and greatly facilitates the repair process, namely the project provides:

  • point representation of the future interior
  • building schemes and furniture layout drawings
  • information on materials and the final cost of repairs
It is worthwhile to seek the help of professional designers, in order to control the repair to a minimum. After all, the most important positive aspects of a design project are:
  • saving your time, all the work is done by professionals
  • keeping your health, when knowledgeable people are engaged in construction and repair, the result is much more effective
  • the opportunity to choose a construction team in advance, sending a design project to several foremen, you give them the opportunity to initially assess the level of work and the timing of its implementation

What does the designer's work involve?

During the design and repair process, your designer is your closest friend, person and psychologist.

Work on the arrangement of the dwelling is enormous. Therefore, the designer is a great support and help in this regard. After visiting the site the designer begins to offer you a sea of ​​creative ideas and to look for the interior that is most suitable for you. At this stage, mutual understanding between the customer and his designer is very important. The clearer the revelation you will be, the more clearly the designer will be able to realize them in the design project, and the builders in the real world.

When everyone has decided on the style and general features of the future interior, active work begins on finding furniture and suitable design elements. This is a very fascinating process in which you constantly consult a professional and gain experience for the rest of your life.

After the material of the sofa and the color of the laminate is selected, the designer builds diagrams and drawings for placing all this good in your house or apartment.

Why not do a design project itself?

The advantages of a beautiful house can be listed endlessly, briefly, a fashionable interior - it's cozy, nice and not ashamed. In many situations, interior design is an indicator of a person's social status.

Why it is necessary to apply for help to specialists? After all, many people have developed a taste and creative vein, they can independently choose the color range and furniture, style and atmosphere of the future appearance of the house.

In such situations, the question arises, how many times the average person was engaged in repair. One, maybe two times? Turning to professional designers, you not only buy their work in an area where "beautifully", you buy their experience and their time, which would be spent on correcting repair errors. Also, the designer greatly facilitates your life by negotiating with builders, he can explain to them the drawings and make accents on important aspects of the interior, such as the correct light, the structure of building materials, the convenient location of outlets, etc.

In addition to all these advantages, the designer always clearly knows the line between desires and implementation possibilities. Whether these are aspects in financial or spatial constraints, a specialist will always find the optimal solution that satisfies you in all its parameters.
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