How to choose a mattress and not to lose?

We sleep more than 1/3 of our life, and a good mattress affects our well-being in the best possible way. To date, choosing a mattress is very difficult because of the huge number of different models. And spring and springless mattresses for beds have their disadvantages and advantages. The material of the springs differs, the compressibility factor, the return return.

Which is better: a mattress with or without springs?

Mattresses on an iron spring are dangerous because they can tear the fabric or create an electromagnetic field of small potential. Wooden springs are very expensive, and many feel suspicious about plastic springs.

As an option for many suitable springless mattresses, but in terms of hygiene, they are very detrimental to health. After all, no ventilation occurs, and it seems that a good mattress accumulates a huge amount of dust. Although today there are mattresses with springs made of polyurethane foam that are not felt, but create good ventilation.

What else to pay attention to?

Many pay great attention to the quality of the fabric and mattress filler. This is really an important aspect, which varies depending on the cost of the mattress. Nowadays it is important to monitor your rest and health, choosing a good quality mattress, you are carrying out the prevention of joint diseases in old age.

Pay attention to the structure of the mattress, the quality of the execution and the orthopedic base suitable for you. It is worthwhile to pay attention to the reasons for buying a mattress and if you have problems with the spine, do not economize on your choice. A bad mattress can sometimes cause scoliosis and joint diseases.

Take care of yourself! Buy a mattress simply, and chronic fatigue sometimes depends only on the quality of your sleep.
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