Why is there no female friendship?

Although we are talking about female friendship, male relationships have the same reasons for their illiquidity. The problem is only one question: why does the friendship between two people arise? Based on the true motives for the emergence of friendly relations, one can say how stable they are.

Men often make friends with those who are interested in them and are similar in their views on life. Women rarely find their girlfriends among themselves, as there is often competition for a few titles:
  1. Which of the women is the most beautiful?
  2. Who is more worthy of being admired by men who sometimes try to meet friends?
  3. Whose opinion and whims are considered more significant?
  4. Whose desires will be fulfilled if both girlfriends want different?
In the male friendship, partners not only find similar in interests and habits of people, but also show great solidarity and compliance. If a friend wants to go for a beer, his friend will not refuse, even if he does not want to drink alcohol. In women's friendship, this can not be seen, because each will defend their own desires and interests, demanding that they be taken into account.

Many people say that women are not able to be friends, because they see in all potential girlfriends their rivals who can discourage, take away or are more interested in attractive men. This is indeed so. Friendship between ladies often ends when both fall in love with the same man. Surprisingly, there is a similar phenomenon between men. They can betray each other to start a relationship with the woman they both liked. But there is a difference in the behavior of men and women:
  • Women often break off relationships with friends who betrayed and took away their men.
  • Men can soon resume their friendship, forgetting about what happened if no one is holding off against each other's grievances.

Envy of personal achievement can cause the break of friendship between women

It's an offense to a friend for the fact that she succeeded, fell in love, led, conquered, forcing her to renounce friendship with her. Men are more resourceful in this regard, because they understand that a woman they like is not the only one on the whole planet. You can meet other such beautiful and interesting partners. A strong friendship because of a woman should not be destroyed.

Women are often a demanding and receiving party. It's just that they do not make friends. They need to get something from other people to build strong relationships with them. Men often look for mutual interests, hobbies and entertainments in friendship. They often do not need anything from friends, except for the desire to relax and have fun together, enjoying the same hobbies.

Female friendship is more fragile because of the emotionality of the friends themselves. It is very difficult not only to endure the constant tears of complaining girlfriends, but also to forgive their deeds that they do not like. A woman is often self-oriented than other people. A man though shows the selfish nature of his nature, but still allows himself to try new types of hobbies that raise the mood of other people.
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