How delicious to surprise guests?

If you live in a private home, like to travel to nature or your husband - an avid fisherman? Probably, more than once wondered what can surprise guests or please yourself in nature or at home. Quite often we bake fish or meat, chops, vegetables, mushrooms on the grill, but never thought that a regular charcoal grill or a solid stainless steel grill, complete with grill, can open a list of dishes that can surprise us.

Method 1: Shrimp

Did you know that shrimps, baked on the grill, acquire a unique taste and are soaked from the inside with their juice? Want even more revealing of taste - marinate shrimps in soy sauce with sesame and lime, and during cooking it is necessary to put a couple of the remaining slices of lime and ginger to them on a stainless steel brazier. Get a delicious dish - "Thai shrimp". To create a southern mood and flavor when serving, use coconut shavings.

Method 2: Mushrooms

In vain, we still underestimate mushrooms, grilled, seasoned with onion rings, a couple of aubergines and, in addition, a bouquet of spices. Masters of Spanish cuisine still recommend adding olive and sunflower oil (note - both types), asparagus, red sweet pepper and, of course, a couple of basil leaves. If you want a light and juicy vegetable assortment - then the grill for home is always the best solution to this question!

Method 3: Pizza

Have you ever tried grilling pizza? After all, it turns out absolutely stunning over smoldering coals, it can equally be added as slices of ham, and thin slices of raw meat - everything is baked and covered with a crusty crust of cheese, if this is taken care of in time. To get real Italian pizza, use corn flour, olive oil and mozzarella, the rest - to taste.

In the summer it's hard to cook in a stuffy kitchen, so the best gift for a friend or a loved one is, if not a barbecue from stainless steel, then a charcoal grill. And if you do not have time for trips to nature, you do not live in a private house and miss the smells of grilled foods, then a home grill is the best way out of a situation that will please you and your family. Maybe you like barbecue more? That and now is not a problem! Many varieties of barbecue for the house will surprise your guests and friends.

Utopian picture of a family evening in the summer evening on the terrace - today is quite real! You just want to, and you will understand the romance of the summer kitchen.

And what is your favorite recipe?
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