How to decide to move out of town?

Many people sooner or later start thinking about moving away from the city. There are many reasons for this: the deterioration of health, caring for children, the desire for a quiet life, anxiety about the ecological situation in big cities.

Of course, there are a lot of positive and negative sides to moving out of town. It should immediately be stipulated that a full relocation of a countryside for a working active person is associated with a huge number of pressing issues that need to be addressed - from searching for suburban real estate to selling the present, urban.

Dignity of life away from the city

Moving the countryside, you get a lot of benefits, which the rest still only dream of.
  • First, you can build your own housing on your own. For example, a great place to live is a wooden dacha. Eco-friendly, fast, profitable and practical. The wooden house is able to breathe and give inside the room a pleasant smell of fresh wood.
  • Secondly, life outside the city accustoms people to manual labor - you have to do your garden, cut trees, learn to repair pipes, electricity - after all, in a small village there is not always a person who knows all the electrical and plumbing wisdom.
  • Thirdly, healthy air, the forest around the house, environmentally friendly products have not yet harmed anyone. Not for nothing that few people now sell dachas outside the city - everyone is concerned about the problem of ecology, and even the most avid fans of megacities feel relief when they come to nature.

Negative aspects of life by the countryside

Your decision "to buy a house, a dacha" should be meaningful. Before you choose a village or village as your place of residence, you must give clear answers to several questions:
  • Will I sell my city apartment?
  • Do I want to live in the country all year round or only seasonally? - If you are going to live year-round in the country, then you will have to take care of heating, and of strong sewerage, and other engineering issues.
  • How will I / my family get to work / school from a country house? -Of course, if you have your own transport, then this question is less important, but even cars have a property from time to time to break down.
  • Whether I am ready to be engaged in a country house independently, since building and finishing fine repairs.
If you can find clear answers to each of the above questions - wonderful. But if you still do not quite imagine your life in the country, but only dream of such a life, then you should not be in a hurry with the move. Life outside the city is a far from simple life, which is associated with a large number of complexities, to which one must be prepared.

Even if you have already clearly decided to move out of town, it is better to choose a place to which the city can be reached by public transport. An excellent solution for a start is a dacha. But even with seasonal living outside the city you will come across different issues that require your decision and can understand on the shoulder whether you like it or not.
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