7 tips on how to make friends with your child

Sometimes it is not easy to build relationships with your child. But if you approach it responsibly and follow the advice of psychologists, a brick behind the brick will be built strong relationships full of love and trust. How to achieve this - read this article.

1. Feel the measure

The golden mean between "friend" and "controller" will help you to get closer to your child, while remaining a parent and an example.

2. To come up with a common hobby

It can be a monthly trip to the cinema or joint construction of structures from matches - anything. The distance between the parent and the child does not give any success in education.

3. Do not hide your feelings

Your "I'm upset" or "I'm now very hard" - is not a sign of weakness, but of sincerity. The child gets the opportunity to learn to reckon with your feelings and emotions.

4. Give the right to mistake

Your child must learn to live, and this path is not unmistakable and easy. The kid must make a lesson out of every mistake he makes, and not grow numb in fear, expecting a severe punishment from the parent.

5. Recognize the right of the individual

A child is a bright, intensely developing personality, take it as a rule to reckon with the opinion and desires of the child.

6. To be on his side

"Praise in public - swear alone" - this rule is also very important. A child should feel your support always, even when he is not right.

7. Ask for forgiveness

If you are wrong - apologize. You will not lose your authority in the eyes of the baby, but will become closer.

Success in education and building lasting relationships! Want to share your advice? Then write in the comments!
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