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What kind of recommendations for nutrition can not be found on the net! Sometimes from diets "10 kg per day" just the hair stand on end. It is physically impossible to be on them, but you want to be beautiful and slender!

I have been working as nutritiologist since 2012 and during this time I listened to a lot of stories about the fight against excess weight. Men and women, very young and aged - all have one problem. In the modern rhythm of life, we completely forgot how to eat right, and most importantly - what. Wrong, irrational food is the main cause of problems with weight, bad skin, dull hair, fatigue and decreased vitality. But the most surprising thing in this story is that for all cases one works, the unified principles of rational nutrition. My task for personal consultation is only to adapt these principles to the rhythm of the life of a particular person. Let us examine these laws of beauty, health and harmony in more detail.

Biorhythms of eating

The frequency of meals determines your metabolism

You, of course, heard about it. 5-6 times a day. It is important. and believe me - it's easier than you think.

Let's look at the reasons. You eat, the food is digested and digested. Nothing floats freely in the bloodstream, except for those glucose stores that are necessary for the stable functioning of the body. In 3-4 hours everything that you ate is distributed among strategic objects. Your body again wants to eat.

You, of course, can not notice this. When you are in a hurry, are keen on, think, your brain is silencing the body signals. But the body is hungry, it begins to waste glycogen of the liver and muscles. Then fat, and for protein needs - muscles. And the later you feed it, the more clearly the evolutionary system of saving life will give the signal: "all into fat"! The less often you eat, the slower your metabolism and the more food goes into fat.

How is 6 times a day every 2, 5-4 hours? Three meals at our principal - this is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Three more - snacks. Snacks can be performed on the go. I'll tell you more, breakfast, lunch and dinner - too. This we will discuss in my next articles. In the meantime, get acquainted with our food intakes.

Breakfast laws

Breakfast determines the work of the body for the whole day

The main rule of breakfast - it should be. Coffee will not work. Its not enough.

At night, your body actively restores all the gaps broken through the day. So, in the morning he wakes up exhausted. And if you do not feed it - it will eat your muscles, because there is a fat body in the morning, so it does not know how - the carnitine system still needs to be started. Less muscle - slower metabolism - more fat.

If it does not climb - start small. Do you usually have coffee? Let today it will be coffee and a loaf, and tomorrow coffee and a loaf smeared with curd cheese, and the day after tomorrow. . . So we come to three basic components of a full breakfast.

First, it's complex carbohydrates - porridge, bread, oatmeal, whole-grain bread. They will give you energy throughout the day. White bread is not very good, as it will be absorbed faster and will be less useful. But it's better than nothing.

Secondly, protein. Your muscles also want to eat, and in the morning they need easily accessible proteins. Egg, cheese, cottage cheese, red fish is a great option.

And thirdly, and the most pleasant - fast carbohydrates. In the morning you have lowered blood glucose, and this is a hungry brain. While your oatmeal is digested. . . Give yourself energy at once. Honey, dried fruits, banana, natural jam, a slice of good chocolate - mood plus energy. Sugar - if there really is nothing more right now. But it's better than nothing.

First snack

Fruit is energy and mood

The ideal first snack is a fruit or a handful of berries. It's all the same carbohydrates that feed your brain, plus vitamins and fiber. This snack is easy to buy and eat on the run. And of course, it's tasty and sweet. In the morning we can afford it.

Main meal

Lunch is the main meal

Lunch is the most caloric intake of food. Your body woke up, wound up, did the morning's work and is ready, finally eat normally. If you miss this meal - your body will not understand you.

Three components of a full-fledged dinner - protein (meat, poultry, fish, seafood), complex carbohydrates (cereals, legumes, macaroni of hard varieties) and vegetables - fresh or cooked. These components should be roughly equivalent to looking at the plate. You can not exclude them. Without protein, your body's needs will be solved by immune proteins, followed by muscle and metabolism. Without carbohydrates, you will live until evening in a short flight and eat them where they are no longer needed. Without vegetables, you will eat more carbohydrates. It's simple.

Clean the body

Vegetables are a storehouse of vitamins and normal intestinal work

The second snack may fall out, but if there is more than five hours between lunch and dinner, the vegetables will fit perfectly. It can be a vegetable salad with flaxseed oil, a cabbage salad or just a cucumber or tomato. Vegetables give you very few calories, but excellently clean the intestines. If the dinner is not soon, and you have hard work to do - add the salad with bread and eggs.

Pledge of harmony

Protein plus vegetables - the perfect dinner

At this point, the main secret of harmony. Eat a squirrel with vegetables for dinner, do not eat carbohydrates. All.

If you eat carbohydrates in the evening - they get into the bloodstream and remain unclaimed, because soon you go to bed. The body safely sends them to fat.

A well cooked chicken or turkey, fish or seafood, supplemented by a good portion of fresh vegetables, salad leaves, stewed vegetables from frost or cabbage will give you a rainbow of taste and satiety. When you go to bed, the amino acids from the protein will go to repair your muscles. Vegetables are responsible not only for satiety, but also for the comfortable movement of heavy protein foods through the intestines.

For sweet dreams

Cottage cheese - the best end of the day

If after dinner another 5 or more hours of wakefulness are expected - cottage cheese and its sour-milk friends come to the rescue. Casein, part of the curd - the perfect night protein, which gives a feeling of saturation without gravity and slowly nourishes the body with all the necessary amino acids. If another meal is not needed - before going to bed drink a glass of yogurt or ryazhenka. For greater benefit, you can add there a tablespoon of fiber or bran - a mild cleansing of the intestine plus an additional sense of satiety.

And the most important thing

Healthy eating is a way of life

"PePe" is not a temporary measure to get into a New Year's dress or a swimsuit before vacation. It's a way of life, a choice to be slender. From how to eat variedly and deliciously, while maintaining the desired proportions of the body, we will discuss in more detail in my next articles. )
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