Which mode of the day is best for first class?

Every year, millions of children go "for the first time in the first grade."

This is a very exciting moment for the children themselves, and for their relatives.

In the head and heart of living experiences. Will the child be able to rebuild after the garden to a new regime? Will it cope with new loads? Will it be interesting for him to attend extra mugs and sections? How to plan his day so that by the evening the child did not fall off his feet from fatigue?

Let's look right now for answers to these questions.

What is the basis of the school day?

The first thing that is important in the mode of the first class day is discipline. Maximum adhere to the hours of recovery and rebound. Since in the garden the child slept during the day, it is necessary to leave a daytime sleep for at least six months.

In order for the young and growing body to gain full strength, he needs to sleep at least 10 hours at night, and about an hour in the afternoon. So in the regime we prescribe that the child lies down, at the latest at 21. 30 - 22. 00, and wakes up at 6. 30 - 7. 00.

It all depends on how much lessons start and how long you will have to get to school.

An error dividing the mode of the day into "school" and "vacation". It is difficult for an organism to be constantly reconstructed. And try to wake up on a day off together. Only on Sunday you can afford to sleep a little longer.

Today, by your actions, you put in your little son, or daughter, the habit of a Successful Man - this is the practice of early recovery.

Mugs and sections - to walk or not to walk?

Today schools emphasize extra-curricular activities of the child. Teachers strongly recommend that parents "attach chadushko well at least somewhere." On the one hand, versatile development will positively affect the first class. And on the other, the school is not a kindergarten, and the load here is physical and emotional at times more.

Therefore, if in the garden you went to mugs and sections, stick to the old regime. If not, it's better to wait until the second class.

The daily routine should be comfortable

Approximate daily routine of the first-form student

As we have already found out, we rise at 6. 30 - 7. 00

up to 7. 30 - morning procedures, charging or a short walk7. 30 - 8. 00 - breakfast and school fees8. 00 - 8. 30 - the road to school

an average of 12 hours are lessons

12. 00 - 12. 30 - the way home. It would be better to walk. 12. 30 - 13. 00 - Lunch. 00 - 14. 00 - Afternoon rest, sleep.

14. 30 - afternoon snack

14. 30 - 18. 00 - doing homework18. 00 - 20. 00 - rest or go to the club20. 00 - 21. 00 - evening procedures and getting ready for bed

This is an approximate mode of the day for a first-grader, so adjust it to your circumstances. After all, its main goal is not only to make it all. The main thing that the child felt comfortable.
Let our children grow up healthy, fully developed and enjoy their success!
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