How to teach a child to read?

The child is like a sponge. He is ready to absorb any information and skills. Only from an adult, from his diligence, depends on what kind of person today's baby is. Today we will talk about teaching reading. At what age can and should learn a child independently reading? Can a one and a half year old lay the foundations of the alphabet or better wait a little?

Correct age

Each kid is individual. Someone in 2-2, 5 years unerringly calls all the letters of the alphabet and already tries to read a little. Other children at this age only babble, and talk begins only to four years.

Read with the child "ABC" should try in the third year of life . It is better if it is a large colorful book with large, clearly traced letters and bright pictures. At this age, the child has associative thinking. Each letter will eventually become associated with a certain picture and a poem.

Why so early?

There is an opinion that a child should learn to read at school age. This is an absolutely irrational point of view. Why? In 2-3 years the child is easier to perceive information. It can be taught to those disciplines that would be given to the six-year-old with difficulty. It means reading and learning foreign languages. Information is perceived and remembered much easier.
Classes should be conducted solely in a game form

Methods of teaching reading

When dealing with a child, you need to follow several simple steps:
  • Separate letters-sounds . Showing the letter, you must immediately call the sound - as this symbol is read in the word.
  • Syllables . After all the letters are studied and "bounce off the teeth," you can start reading their combinations. Not immediately it will work, but do not despair. It is necessary to begin with small in duration, increasing their duration every day. The key to success is regularity.
  • Words . When a child reads his first word, he must be praised. The main thing is that only positive impressions and emotions are connected with books and reading.

Montessori Methodology

In the lessons with the baby, this method will become a real wand. Its essence lies in the use of tactile and visual memory.

In the course will go the wooden letters, which must be enclosed in the appropriate department in their form. Every adult should speak aloud. Thus, the child will learn the sound of each letter much faster based on their shape. It will no longer be some ephemeral, abstract symbols drawn in the book. Now the letters can be felt and even play with them .
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