Graduation dresses of 2018: Fashion trends

Girls are always carefully prepared for the prom night. An important role in preparing for this holiday is the choice of dress. Style, length, color, finish. . . so many nuances associated with this outfit!

Main requirements

Before you go to the store, it is necessary to decide on your preferences. Dress for graduation should not just be beautiful, he should be comfortable and emphasize the dignity of the figure. The outfit, which looks spectacularly in the photo in the magazine, can be completely unviable due to the presence of a corset or a rather long loop. If you want to shine at the solemn part of the event, but do not deny yourself the pleasure of dancing in the company of classmates, it makes sense to get two dresses at once. It is necessary to take a meticulous approach to the fabric of the dress. In such a solemn moment you want to look perfect. However, if the material easily crumples, you will not be able to relax.

Current colors

In this season, the brightest shades are the most in demand. Do you want to be the center of attention? Look closely at fuchsia dresses. Also popular are such tones as turquoise and violet. Gray color remained for a long time out of work. Designers, he seemed unseemly for such celebrations. However, this season they changed their minds. On the podium, and then in the shops appeared dresses for the final gray color scale. They look pretty feminine and original. If you want to combine elegance and fashion, the best solution will be a marsala dress. One of the key advantages of this tone is that it equally well suits both brownies and girls with fair skin. Classics, which never goes out of fashion, are pastel shades. When choosing a shade, you should consider your own color appearance.

Fashionable styles

In this season, laconic models prevail. Designers have given up the idea of ​​overloading the styles of dresses, so even their decor does not cost too much. Separate mention deserve dresses in the Greek style. Without deep decollete and provocative cuts, they allow us to emphasize the femininity of the graduate. If you want to shine on the graduation in a long dress, it makes sense to pay attention to models in the style of minimalism. Attention in such outfits attracts a combination - clear lines of the bodice and flowing hem. Especially for romantic natures are designed dresses with an overstated waist. The style of Empire is one of the unbeaten options this season. The bodice of the dress can be decorated with lace or paillettes, while the hem does not contain any decor. The novelty is the outfits that combine a cut on the back with the presence of a corset. The cutout in most models usually comes to the shoulder blades, with the length of the dress can be any. Cutouts in the form of a drop became the most actual. As to how the hem can be realized, the models with asymmetry are most prominent. On girls with an aspen waist will ideally look dresses-mermaids. Especially luxurious look models with a long train. Despite the fact that this is not the most practical type of graduation dress, one can not but recognize its spectacularity.

Short dresses please with their diversity. Cocktail dresses and dress-cases are more practical than their long counterparts. However, we must remember that they require a more careful selection of shoes to create a harmonious combination in the image. The novelty of this season were separate dresses. The top of the model is a shortened top, and the shape of the skirt can be anything.

Decor and Accessories

Although the graduation party is a landmark event in the life of the girl, a large number of accessories and an abundance of decorative elements will be completely inappropriate. For a dress with an overstated waist, you can limit yourself to a wide satin ribbon. To draw additional attention to the cut on the back will help decorative lacing. In addition to lace, the actual option this year was embroidery. Intricate patterns look at the dress for the graduate quite unofficially. Designers have not forgotten about rhinestones and sequins, but most of the models have shiny elements on the bodice of the dress.
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