Musical festivals of Russia in summer 2018

Musical festivals of Russia are bright performances of singers and collectives in the open air. They can see stars of world size and musicians, just starting their own creative path. If the event lasts for several days, the audience can stay with an overnight stay in the tent camp. Usually a lot of events take place in the framework of festivals. For example, creative workshops, sports competitions, film screenings.

Keep a selection of the most interesting music festivals in the summer of 2018!

The Jazz Manor

The most famous jazz festival in Russia has existed for 15 years. At its venues are recognized music groups, rising stars and novice performers. In 2018, over 500 musicians from 14 countries will perform in the open air. Here you can hear the band "Auktsion", the quintet of Igor Butman, Elk, Diana Polenov.

Time and place:
  • On June 2 and 3, the performances of the bands will be held in Moscow;
  • July 7 - Voronezh is waiting for guests;
  • July 21 - Yekaterinburg meets musicians;
  • July 28 - the sites will operate in St. Petersburg.
The organizers do not exclude that the festival will be held in Konakovo and Sochi.

The cost of tickets in the capital: 3 500 rubles for 1 day and 6 000 rubles for 2 days.


The 17th music festival is organized by Tinkoff Bank. At the event you can come with the whole family, the age limit is 0+. In 2018, the organizers announced that they would present a new concept of the festival. They chose a new space and invited unexpected headliners. On the playgrounds will perform "Bricks", "vulgar Molly", Franz Ferdinand, Nadia, "Casta". In total, about 50 musical groups will arrive at the festival. In addition, here you can see the work of contemporary artists and try the best dishes of the city restaurants.

Venue: ARTPLAY Design Center, St. Petersburg.

Time: June 10-11.

Price: 1 200 - 4 500, for children under 10 years old admission is free.

Wild Mint

For 10 years, the festival has gained immense popularity in Russia and has become famous abroad. For 3 full days, music venues will be open for more than 70 musicians from all over the world. In addition, those who wish can listen to thematic lectures, watch films and take part in master classes. For the audience will perform Zemfira, the group "Bravo", Neuro-monos Theophanes, "Animal Jazz".

Venue: Aleksinsky district of the Tula region.

Date: 9-11 June.

How much is: 2 000 rubles for 1 day and 4 000 rubles for 3 days.


For the first time the festival was held in 2007. Now fans of rock music from all over Russia come to listen to famous and novice performers. This summer at the event will perform "LUMEN", "Troll oppresses spruce", "Knyaz", "Crematorium", Vadim Samoilov.

Location: Nechkino, Izhevsk.

Time: July 20-22.

How much is: 3 300 rubles for 3 days.


The popular Russian festival is held this summer 18 times. The organizers decided not to divide the zones into fan and VIP sectors, so the cost of tickets for all viewers is the same. At the festival there are sports grounds, souvenir shops and play areas. In 2018, there are waiting for the group "Naive", "Anakondas", "Animal Jazz", Exploited.

Location: Yaroslavl Region.

Duration: 27, 28 and 29 July.

Price for all days: 4 200 rubles, participants have the right to install a tent and an unlimited number of exits from the zone.


Organizers call the event the main event of the summer. Traditionally it is held in the first weekend of July, but in 2018 the date will be postponed due to the football world championship. This is one of the largest open-airers in Russia. The audience will see the performances of the bands Underwood, Kalinov Bridge, Alisa, Spleen, Nogu Svelo, Naiv. The open air will be organized by exhibitions, screenings of films and theater productions.

Location: Bolshoy Zavidovo, Tver Region.

Time: 3-5 August.

Ticket price: 1800 for a single entrance to the common zone, 9 000 multiple entry to the VIP-zone.


The event takes place under the tag # The Most Soulful Event of the Year. On it fans of rock gather to see performances of favorite collectives. The organizers have set an age limit of 18+. In 2018, the festival invited groups "Leningrad", "DDT", "Pilot", "City 312", "Masha and the Bears."

Location: Tambov, Kikvidze street.

Time: August 17-19.

Cost: 1 800 rubles for 1 day and 3 800 for 3 days.

Tell us about your experience visiting music festivals in Russia. Share in the comments of impressions and useful tips. We will be glad to see interesting photos from these events!
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