Benefits and harm of green tea

Tea. . . This word warms the body and soul of any person. It is associated with us with the cozy warmth of our home, with a bright flame of the night, with a Tula samovar and grandmother's buns.

Tea herb and variegated color - a platform for disputes and advertising. Thyme and linden, kaprej and melissa - it is possible to choose for every taste! White and red, black and yellow. And what do we know about the most popular - green?
Tea tree simultaneously gives us green and black tea. How tea will turn out, the way of processing the tea leaves decides. Leaflets for green tea are not subjected to hard executions - they remain almost in a pristine state (they are simply dehydrated).

Useful properties of green tea

  • Green tea, being a representative of the Earth's flora, is rich in useful organic substances produced only by plants (the human body can not synthesize them). For example, a large army of catechins in this drink is able to crack down on cancer cells.
  • It is a storehouse of vitamin P, baking about the health of the skin.
  • Thanks to tannin such a drink will help to remove the inflammatory process in the digestive tract and adjust digestion.
  • It has anti-catarrhal, antipyretic properties, contains antioxidants, supports immunity in a tone.
  • Restrains the rapid absorption of sugar in the blood, which means the prevention of diabetes.
  • Folic acid in green tea is involved in the processes of hematopoiesis and the prevention of thrombosis, which improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Slows down the aging process, which is especially important for the fair sex.
  • Treats the genitourinary system and prostatitis. Improves male potency.
  • Green tea contains as much caffeine as coffee itself. Recent studies have shown that caffeine has a beneficial effect on the function of the brain. It prevents the development of ameloid (pathological protein, which with age begins to be produced by brain cells, deposited there, which eventually leads to senile dementia). This is why a healing drink is advised to increase concentration and improve the memorization process.
  • Caffeine in green tea is enough to relieve drowsiness and cheer up.
  • This tea also has a beneficial effect on the neuro-psychological sphere, relieving stress and depression.
  • In cosmetology, the curative infusion helps to clean the skin and improve the skin condition, prone to acne and acne.
  • Invaluable anti-inflammatory properties of green tea, involved in maintaining the microflora of the mouth, which will protect against gum problems and reduce the risk of caries.
The appearance in our life of such concepts as a tea ceremony and "fives-of-the-clocks" we owe to a Chinese emperor who lived in ancient times. Legend has it that the leaves of the still wild camellia Chinese tree accidentally fell into a jar of hot water, served by a servant to the lord. The latter found the aroma and taste of the drink obtained amazing. So by the will of a happy occasion tea entered our daily life.

The damage of green tea

Like any product, green tea has its contraindications.
  • Do not indulge in this fragrant drink to people with a weakened and depleted psyche, so as not to overexcite the nervous system contained in tea caffeine.
  • In order not to provoke a peptic ulcer, you should not drink green tea on an empty stomach, since the mucous membrane of an empty stomach is not ready for such an irritating effect.
Tea is the favorite in the whole world among a variety of drinks. He managed to win in the competition even beer, which retains leadership only in England and Ireland.

How to brew correctly

  • Green tea is a unique product that can be brewed several times. At the same time, he does not lose his taste qualities at all. Experts argue that real green tea is revealed fully only after the third brew.
  • The most optimal temperature for brewing green tea is 90 degrees. After boiling it is enough to turn off the kettle and after a minute there will be a required water temperature.
  • Use soft water for brewing: spring water or filtered through a filter.
  • Do not push the drink for more than 5 minutes, because in the future it is saturated with tannins and acquires a characteristic bitterness.
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