Animals for little children

Did the child ask for a pet? What to do? How to react? After all, according to parents' standards, too little is enough. Will he be able to take good care of a new friend? Or will the whole responsibility lie on the shoulders of the parents? The first thing that worries parents is security. Which pet will not cause unnecessary trouble, and the child will happily take care of it?

A parrot

Cat and parrot do not get along well in one house

A wavy parrot is a real miracle. It does not require much trouble, and the pleasure of communicating with a bird is unlikely to compare with anything else. A huge plus is that the bird can learn to "talk" - to simulate sounds that he often hears. Sometimes such dialogue (or monologue) can be conscious. But most often this is an unconscious repetition of sounds.

What is necessary when caring for a parrot?
  • spacious cell;
  • various toys, a swing, a mirror;
  • the ability to freely fly around the apartment or home.
  • availability of fresh food and water in the water bowl.
Over time, the bird will learn to play with the child. A parrot is a very communicative creature. It does not tolerate loneliness and constant sitting in a confined space. Therefore, before you start a bird, you need to think about whether you can provide it with all the necessary conditions.


Puppy is a great friend for a small child.

The pet is perfect for a child aged 4-5 years. However, it is better if it is a schoolboy. At this age, the child will be able to walk his own pet, feed, water, play with him. All this is necessary for the normal development of the animal. It will be nice if the young dog is subjected to training.

Loving master, clean and warm litter and a full bowl of fodder - in such conditions the dog will grow up healthy.


A kitten is a purring miracle next to us

In a family with a small child is better to take a young cat. They are more accommodating, they treat children kindly enough, they allow themselves to play with themselves. Another plus in favor of cats - they do less dirty tricks. More clean.

Children first perceive the pet as a toy. But over time, the kitten becomes a full member of the family, whom everyone loves and cherishes.
Dogs are planted by those who want to be loved. Cats are planted by someone who wants to love and care for themselves.
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