Multimasking: Will the skin be perfect?

The beauty industry does not get tired of surprising. Another innovation in a series of diverse procedures for skin care has become multimasking.

What it is?

By name, it's easy to guess that this beauty-innovation implies some combination of masks. Leading cosmetic brands have already released kits in which a special mask is designed for each face zone. Actually, this is the concept of multimasking. Because of the different needs of the epidermis in a particular area of ​​the face, it is suggested to apply masks with specially selected compounds. In practice, this looks quite logical. For example, the area around the eyes is very sensitive. Sebum in this zone is not produced, therefore it will be undesirable to apply matting masks. But the compounds with a pronounced moisturizing effect will allow to resist the appearance of the first mimic wrinkles. Almost every multimasking kit has patches under the eyes that perfectly handle this task. On the cheeks, the skin is often prone to peeling. For this area, masks with fruit acids, peptides, vitamins A, C and E are used. Black spots and various inflammations often appear in the T-zone. Therefore, for her actual mask with the addition of blue clay, as they narrow the pores.


The undoubted advantage of multimasking is its "targeted" approach. Each zone of the individual receives personal care in accordance with their needs. It is also worth noting that carrying out this procedure is not difficult and can be done at home. All masks are applied simultaneously and easily washed off the skin in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. First of all, multi-masking should pay attention to the owners of the combined skin type.


Multimasking has one, but quite serious minus. If an allergic reaction occurs, it will be difficult to determine which mask the skin reacted to. Allergy does not always manifest itself in the area of ​​application of the cosmetic.
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