What to do with insomnia (part 2)

We have already started talking about how to deal with insomnia . First of all, it is worth to calculate how many hours you sleep. According to the opinion of most doctors, an adult able-bodied person sleeps for 5-8 hours. It depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Those who work hard, mentally or physically, need more time to recover. If you fall asleep within an hour after you go to bed, the duration of sleep is normal, you do not complain of drowsiness during the day, then you are all right, no insomnia. What to do in other cases, we'll tell you.

Daily regime

Do you want to fall asleep quickly, at the same time, with a sense of vivacity? The daily routine will help you. Train yourself to wake up at the same time, even on weekends. It is advisable to get up early in the morning, since it is embedded in our genes. Not one generation of our ancestors rose with the rising of the sun and fell asleep after its sunset.

But if it's hard for you to stick to this schedule, make another one. The main thing is to get up at the same time, to go to bed at the same time. Be consistent. As much as you do not want to go to bed later or sleep an extra hour or two, remember that because of this you can then toss back and forth again midnight, trying to fall asleep.

Stress prevents us from falling asleep

If you understand the regime of the day, but still tossing and turning in bed, trying unsuccessfully to sleep, the reason can be strong emotions. When a person experiences stress, all body systems are included: the blood flow accelerates, more oxygen enters the bloodstream, muscles overflow with energy, and activating hormones are produced.

You were upset at work, you quarreled with close people or there were other reasons for which you experienced the greatest stress. Your body has already prepared to act, because we have a mechanism in place: if we are afraid, we must run away, if we are angry - to attack. Therefore, in this condition it will be hard for you to relax and fall asleep. Or you did interesting work. You are seized with excitement, the body is ready to act. But it's too late and it's time to sleep, or else tomorrow you will not get enough sleep and you'll go sleepy all day. How to help yourself in this situation?

How to calm yourself

First of all, you do not need to convince yourself of something that does not exist. No matter how you want to become a holy person, you can still be angry and afraid and hate. Of course, the way we react to this or that event depends on our outlook, it is necessary to grow spiritually. But not everyone is ready to work on themselves, and sometimes it just does not work, but, nevertheless, this is not a reason not to sleep. We need sleep, so let's figure out what to do.

  1. Anger. Anger is our natural emotion. How with it will consult? Think about whether or not another person wanted to offend you. Very often we offend each other by accident, not from evil. If he touched our Achilles' heel, it's not his fault, we just react to it very roughly. If this is really an evil person, what kind of reaction do you want from him? He is embittered, respectively, unhappy, and he wants everyone around to be unhappy. Understand and pity him. When all this does not help, understand that the "war" is over, it makes no sense to "wave your fists after a fight". Think about what you have learned for yourself from this situation and stop scrolling it in your head. This is already the past, it was, this must be forgotten. The morning is wiser than the evening, wake up and look at everything with different eyes.

  2. Excitement. Have you gone to work with a head and do not want to sleep? What to do in this case. Put yourself before the fact: "The work day is over, I no longer think about it." Are you all well at work, a lot of plans, is there a desire to think about all this? It's wonderful, you will certainly think about it, but tomorrow, when there will be a new working day.

  3. Fear. You are afraid of something, and this is not just an alarm that appears on its own, namely the fear that you are tormented by a particular situation. If you have problems, they themselves will not disappear, they need to be solved. To solve them, you need to stay strong. To do this, you need to sleep, but otherwise, being sleepy and absent-minded, you can do little. You can come up with your own plan of action, the first point of which will be: "Go to bed and sleep." All problems are solved. Believers are even easier, they can simply rely on God. Try to realize that there is no point in fear, it is not constructive. You need to act, and tomorrow, gaining strength, you can deal with their problem. And now you need to sleep.

Secrets of Good Sleep

Are there any more secrets of good sleep? Yes, there are, now we will open them to you, you can use, if not all, then at least some:

  1. In bed, you should only sleep. Many psychologists recommend using bed only for sleeping or, as an exception, for sex. All the rest (reading books, listening to music, watching TV) can be done elsewhere.

  2. Physical exercise. A good dream must be earned. A dream is a rest to rest, you need to get tired. It's simple. Go more often, run, go in for sports. Of course, the car is convenient, but moving is good for health. If you have a sedentary job, buy a subscription to a fitness center, a swimming pool, do yoga. Any activity is useful.

  3. Colors for the bedroom. It is proved that green and blue color help to relax and fall asleep. But the shades should be gentle, pastel. Even if you like red, orange or bright color, decorate these tones with other rooms. Although this advice is also not suitable for everyone. If you have a green or blue cause some unpleasant associations, of course, they do not need to be used. When you choose wallpaper or paint for the bedroom, be guided by your feelings, taking into account the opinion of the spouse. The color of you should soothe and relax.

  4. Light in the room. For a couple of hours before bedtime, it's better not to sit in bright light. Buy additional light sources, such as sconces. Then your body will be preparing for bed, because nature is laid, that we are awake in the light and sleep in the dark.

  5. Ventilate the room before going to bed . Fresh air is good for health. In addition, in such a room it is better to breathe, we feel better, so we can fall asleep more quickly.

  6. Calm before bedtime. If you want to sleep well, you will have to follow one important rule. No emotions before going to sleep, even if they are not negative emotions, but positive ones. Never find out the relationship in the evening, if you know that soon you will go to sleep. No wonder they say that the morning is wiser than evening. But if you quarrel, it's better to make up. Try to find your rituals that comfort you, and refuse those that excite you before going to sleep. Soothes the TV - then watch, calm the music - listen. If, on the contrary, after that you feel excited, agitated, give them up.

We told you about the main secrets of good sleep. If you can not fall asleep, you can try them on yourself. But with chronic insomnia, it is worth to visit a doctor, a psychotherapist. Do not be afraid of this, because it is in your best interest to keep your health. But still remember that pills are an extreme measure, although sometimes you can not do without them.
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