How to feed the cat properly?

A cat is a member of the family, like everyone else. Each responsible owner is obliged to provide his beloved with a full-fledged diet, in which proteins, fats and carbohydrates are successfully combined. What does a pet feel like growing up beautiful and, most importantly, healthy?

Dry food

Experienced breeders often feed their pets with exceptionally dry food. Are they right? Does this diet negatively affect cat health?

The answer to this question directly depends on three indicators:
  • the qualitative composition of the feed;
  • its value;
  • constant availability of fresh water.

Dry food - a convenient option for busy hosts

In cheap dry food the composition is not of high quality. Therefore, when choosing a similar product, you need to orient yourself, including the cost.
Cats, whose diet is only dry food, often suffer from urolithiasis.
What good is this food? He will have to by the way those owners who are rarely at home. It does not deteriorate over time and retains all useful properties.

Canned food

The canned food for cats is more humid than the previous version. In pets accustomed to such nutrition, the kidneys are less likely to get sick. And urolithiasis most often bypasses them.
There is an unwritten rule: you can not interfere with food and natural food. In the diet should be present one thing.

Canned feed - maximum protein at low cost

This is not natural food, but still a great alternative to dry food. The daily requirement for water with such a diet is somewhat reduced. Consistency of consumed food is as close as possible to the natural.

Judging from practice, cats go perfectly to conserves.


What should be present in the diet of cats, whose owners decided to feed them only natural food?
  • The protein is enough : meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, milk.
  • No salt, sugar . Food for animals is not salted and does not season.
  • Fiber : various cereals.
  • Grass - for breeding wool.

Natural food is a reliable way to keep a pet's health

Before making an informed choice about choosing a diet for your pet, each owner is obliged to weigh the pros and cons of one or another food. In this case, the main argument should be to preserve and maintain the health of the animal.
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