The most interesting films in May 2018

May 2018 pleased fans of foreign and domestic cinema. Already in the first days of the month on the big screens came out stunning pictures, highly appreciated by the audience. Keep the article on your page in the social network, so as not to lose a selection of the best movies of May!

Avengers: War of Infinity

The new 19 film of the universe Marvel justified the most daring expectations of fans. The creators of the project managed to uncover the image of each hero of the saga. The main antagonist turned out to be convincing: the frightening appearance is perfectly combined with the destructive power of his thought. Beautiful graphics, unobtrusive music and bright special effects help create an increasing tension.

The plot of the film will be interesting to those who followed the events in the movie room. This time the superheroes had to distract themselves from earthly problems and join the fight against the cosmic villain. Thanos arrived on our planet to find the Stones of Infinity. With the help of these artifacts, he plans to change the reality on his own.


The script of the painting is based on a real story, which occurred in a German concentration camp in 1943. Soviet lieutenant Alexander Pechersky was taken prisoner and was sent to Poland. In the Sobibor camp, he was able to organize an uprising of prisoners, but not all could survive from 550 people.

For the first time Konstantin Khabensky appeared in front of the audience as a director. In addition, he himself played the main role. Help in the work on the picture had relatives of Pechersky - his daughter and granddaughter.

Island of dogs

Puppet cartoon Wes Anderson - adult cinema in children's scenery. The director raises the problems of immigration policy, which is led by the modern US government. The original find is the use of Japanese without subtitles. But viewers easily understand what is happening on the screen.

The history of the picture develops in alternative Japan, where dogs are struck by a strange virus. The authorities expel domestic pets on an uninhabited island, but the boy Atori goes in search of his dog. Here he finds new friends and with their help overcomes serious trials.

Deadpool 2

Charming cheerful killer returned to the screens! Actor Ryan Reynolds from the first frame causes a lot of positive emotions. His character crushes the enemies in cabbage, not forgetting to let go of evil jokes. In the movie there are a lot of spectacular battles, chases and explosions. Interesting references to the comic books and films Marvel, as well as to such epic paintings as "Basic Instinct" and "James Bond."

This time the main character thinks about family, friendship and his place in life. In passing, he recruited a team of superheroes to resist evil.

Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories

This is another picture, the output of which was waiting for thousands of fans. The continuation of the stellar epic tells of the youth of the brave Solo and tells how he became the most famous smuggler of the galaxy. A young hero is accompanied by a friend of Cheubak and a brave Kira. It is interesting that in the film there are no Jedi and constant arguments about strength. But after the last two films of the epic, this circumstance can be considered a plus.

The atmosphere of the picture corresponds to the first canonical releases of "Star Wars": the plot develops logically, character characters are well spelled out, attention is paid to even minor details of scenery and costumes. Special effects decorate the most vivid scenes of chases, fights and space flights.

Tell us in the comments which films of this spring made a greater impression! How often do you visit a cinema, what genre do you prefer?
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