How to make a holiday memorable for your child?

Excellent when your chadushko, and birthday boy, they know each other. And what if there is not, or only superficially?

What should parents do? Let's decide now!

The first impulse is a desire to abandon such an offer, precisely because of the fear that the child there may not be interesting. Just do not decide it yourself, consult with him about it.

Your actions, as an adult and conscious person, should be systemic and considered.

First of all, introduce your child and birthday person closer. Go out with him, and his mother several times for a walk. Tell your son or daughter what his new friend is addicted to - look for points of contact.

Let the children unite more than just joint games. The fact that I need to know this information in advance from my parents, I will not write. This is understandable, after all.

Joint games - bring together.

Gift selection

Now, when you know what the birthday person is interested in, it's time to choose a gift for him. Make the purchase process fascinating. Let your child decide on their own - what can be interesting and useful for a new friend or girlfriend.

Even at home, stipulate the value of the gift, so that your treasure is not offended if the gift chosen by them is more expensive than you are willing to pay.

It is necessary to take care of the packaging. It's a surprise.

Choose a congratulatory poem. Let it be short, but with meaning. Learn it, and words do not hurt to take with them. Just in case.

Not only beautiful, but also convenient!

The most important moment has come - what will you wear for the holiday?

Communicating with the mother of the birthday boy is to find out the program of the holiday - whether there will be games, animators, whether the birthday is planned to be thematic. If so, will they be disguised?

Today, holidays in the fresh air - rock climbing, cable cars, inflatable attractions - are popular. Even if it is not summer in the street, there are many entertainment centers adapted for such a holiday.

Your child will not be comfortable in trousers and shirt, or a gorgeous princess dress, at a birthday party with active and agile games. Clothes are smart and comfortable. Even if your baby is 2 years old, you should trust the choice to him.

Let every holiday for your child be bright and joyful.

Now it's time for mom and dad - to take care of the presence of a handkerchief and wet wipes. If children are small, parents, usually, are also present at the celebration. And no matter how convenient and comfortable it was, in case of force majeure the child will come running first thing to you.

Do not forget to bring your camera or video camera. Even if there is photo / video on the holiday, when your child returns home, your child will want to talk about the holiday to other family members. The son or daughter will be impressed and the longer it lasts, the more joy it will bring with the memory.

As you can see, making a holiday bright and unique is easy

The main thing to remember is that your child will be in the team and there may be minor misunderstandings with other children.

Have enough patience and discretion. Help resolve the conflict gently and tactfully. Do not spoil the holiday and traumatize the gentle psyche of children figuring out relationships with adults or, worse, scolding someone else's child.

I wish that every holiday for your children was unique, unique and memorable.

This is what makes childhood - happy!
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