The benefits and harm of chocolate

He is not among the rare expensive delicacies, but he became a symbol of well-being and grace, as eloquently evidenced by the phrase "everything will be in chocolate."

Chocolate. . . It is only our sense of smell to catch the wonderful notes of this dessert, how all the troubles evaporate, and we - in the "nirvana."

Interesting Facts!

  • Belgian scientists studied the change in sales in book stores: the smell of chocolate helped sell romance novels.
  • A poll among the weak from France and Misty Albion revealed that intimate affinity does not withstand any competition (as a pleasure) compared with the enjoyment of eating chocolate.

The benefits of chocolate

  • Positively affects the heart, reducing the amount of harmful cholesterol.
  • Due to theobromine, it dilates the blood vessels and lowers arterial pressure, so in moderate doses it is useful for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Helps brain work, improving the flow of thought processes and contributing to increased concentration in solving intellectual problems.
  • Improves mood (thanks to the same theobromine). When we regain it, serotonin is produced in our body - a hormone that affects the central nervous system, causing a state of euphoria.
  • Helps reduce cough, since theobromine is a substance that is a drug; slowly dissolving a couple of squares, you can defeat the pain in the throat and cough.
  • Helps to strengthen immunity.
  • It contains natural substances caffeine and theobromine - stimulants that help overcome fatigue.
  • In small quantities, it has a beneficial effect on children's mental abilities.
  • Helps preserve youth and beauty: 1 tile per week rejuvenates the body (thanks to the content of antioxidants in cocoa beans).
  • This sweetness prevents the formation of caries, has an antibacterial effect and does not allow the accumulation of dental plaque (but the teeth still need to be cleaned!).
Having become acquainted with these properties of chocolate, it becomes clear why this product includes specialty workers in professions that require remarkable strength and endurance.

Harm to chocolate

  • Promotes weight gain, since this product is very high in calories (its nutritional value is 400-500 kcal per 100 g of dessert).
  • In elderly people, the use of a large number of goodies adversely affects bone tissue and can cause osteoporosis.
  • Chocolate, used in the evening, can overexcite the nervous system, which can lead to insomnia.
  • For fans of this dessert, it is harmful in the period of aggravation of diseases of the digestive tract and diabetes.
  • Its use will complicate the life of sweet tooth with a sluggish intestine, prone to constipation.
  • With exacerbation of gastritis, peptic ulcer and cholecystitis, chocolate should be abstained within a couple of weeks. And with acute diseases of the pancreas - a month, or even two.
On a note! Chocolate is a product that quickly absorbs foreign smells, so you need to put it away from spices, spices and perfumes. This should be remembered by lovers wearing a chocolate in her purse.

100-125 gr. Chocolate contains more caffeine than a cup of instant coffee.

For gourmets: a combination of chocolate and drinks

  • For the cores, chocolate with tea is useful: a double dose of flavonoids (they are contained in both products) prevents the formation of blood clots, beneficially affects the vessels, and, consequently, the condition of the heart.
  • The combination of red dry wine with dark chocolate (with 80% -concentrated content of cocoa beans) is a favorite among the duets of alcohol-dessert.
  • Milk chocolate "friends" with white wines such as Riesling.
  • Strange, but funny combination - chocolate with fruit and spices (especially with pepper) and dark beer.
  • Classical serving of all kinds of chocolate - to unsweetened coffee. But you can get a firework of taste that can surprise any gourmet. To do this, you need to dip a couple of slices of melted dessert on the bottom of the cup, and already on top you can pour an invigorating drink.
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