Arrows in makeup: 7 topical options

Arrows traditionally are considered an attribute of evening make-up. However, they can be very successfully "implemented" in the everyday image. It's all about the difference in form! Arrows allow you to create both a romantic and dramatic effect in the make-up.

Classic Arrow

This option is universal. It is suitable for any image. In combination with the arrow, shadows of any shade and texture can be used. A thin line must be drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. It does not imply any extensions. Only at the outer corner of the eye it slightly changes direction, rising up. Despite the simplicity, the classic hands look quite impressive. Given that now the fashion includes colored podvodki, you can experiment with shades. Thin lines will not cause excessive attention from others, but will become part of the original image.

Egyptian Arrows

A similar kind of arrows can be seen in almost any image of the legendary Cleopatra. In order to make Egyptian arrows, you will need to draw two lines. The line located on the upper eyelid should expand slightly at the outer corner of the eye, but it is necessary to draw its thin tip, which will be directed to the eyebrow. As for the lower eyelid, it is acceptable to start drawing the arrow from the middle or slightly closer to the outer corner of the eye. Near the inner corner, it is required to lower the line slightly towards the bridge of the nose. Makeup with these arrows will be appropriate for a themed party or photo shoot. It can be accurately described as an element of the evening image.

Double Arrows

This type of shooter has become fashionable relatively recently. Usually for its implementation, black eyeliner is combined with a contrasting shade. The lower arrow should be as close as possible to the line of growth of the eyelashes. Directly above it is drawn the second arrow. It is required that both lines have a small thickening towards the outer corner of the eye. This option is suitable for bright images.

Wide arrows

This trick is often resorted to by girls who believe that their eyelashes do not have enough thickness. In shape, these arrows repeat the classical version. The only difference is that they are drawn much wider. Makeup with these arrows looks pretty impressive. If you want to create an image for publishing, it makes sense to look at this technique.

Arrows "Cat's Eye"

Want to give a flirtatious attraction look? Then a better option than the "Cat's Eye" is simply not found. It is necessary to draw thin lines in the upper and lower eyelids. At the outer corner of the eye, a line drawn through the lower eyelid "meets" with a line drawn through the upper eyelid. The tip of the arrow "Cat's Eye" should be directed to the temple.

Articulated arrows

In order to draw a similar option, gel piping will need to be put aside. Drawing such arrows will be much more handy with a soft eyeliner. After the arrow is drawn along the line of growth of the eyelashes, armed with a brush to shade the shadows, gently shade it in the area of ​​the outer corner of the eye. This type of shooter successfully complements the smoky eye makeup.

Arrows with two tails

Another find of makeup artists, which allows you to visually add density to your eyelashes. Drawing an arrow with two tails is quite easy. First you need to draw a thin line, as in the classical version. The "additional" tail should be parallel to the main one. Doing an extension towards the outer corner of the eye is not necessary in this case.
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