Couchon: Do he need a cosmetic bag?

Relatively recently, the beauty industry pleased the fair sex with another novelty - a kouchon appeared on sale. The unusual format of the beauty product allows you not to go too far in the process of applying makeup.

What it is?

Kushon is the creation of the Korean cosmetic industry, which in recent years has managed to conquer girls from all over the world with their developments. Tintes, patches under the eyes, mists. . . European manufacturers are struggling to keep up with their Asian counterparts. Famous brands have already started producing kushons, which indicates the growing popularity of this cosmetic. The cousin's case is very similar to a powder compact. On the inside of the cover you can find a small mirror. Also in the case there will certainly be a convenient sponge for putting on a beauty product. But the kushon itself looks rather unusual - it is a sponge impregnated with a cosmetic product. Originally in this format only tonal means were issued. However, the manufacturers began to experiment and now on the shelves you can see blush, bronzers and hailers, performed in a similar way.


The popularity of the new format is not accidental, it has a number of advantages. Liquid cosmetics require caution when used. If you apply excessive amounts of foundation to your face, the effect of the mask will be provided. The situation will not get better if you go too far with blush or bronzer. Due to the presence of a porous sponge on the couch, the cosmetic product is laid on the skin with a light even layer. It does not go to the detriment of perseverance.

The presence of a dispenser often becomes the reason that more cosmetic products are squeezed out of the vial than necessary. With a kushon, such a situation is excluded. Sponge absorbs and gives the skin exactly as much beauty product as required.

The kouchon format itself is quite convenient and allows you to comfortably use a cosmetic product both at home and outside it. Additional accessories during the application of makeup will not be needed. Since the case is securely closed, the beauty product is protected from falling dust and direct sunlight on it.


With the help of a sponge soaked in foundation, it's easy to smooth out the tone and hide the small flaws on the skin. However, this product will not be able to hide the pronounced imperfections. Despite the cost-effectiveness, it is necessary to buy kushons quite often. Usually their volume does not exceed 20-30 ml. For comparison - a full-size tube of foundation provides an average of 60-70 ml.

How to choose a kushon?

Studying the range in the store, first of all you should consider the type and tone of your skin. As a rule, producers tend to supply their kushons with additional functions. Therefore, you can see in the sale of cosmetic products as with the effect of moisturizing (actual for dry and flaky skin), and neutralizing greasy shine (suitable for owners of fatty skin types).

It is also important to consider the season during which you plan to use the remedy. For the cold season, the kushons are more suitable, in the composition of which there are oils and extracts of herbs. For use in summer heat it is recommended to pay attention to the presence of a sunscreen factor. The SPF value must be at least 20.

How to use it correctly?

Before applying this cosmetic on the face, you need to clean and moisturize the skin. Lightly press the sponge on the sponge sponge. Spread the agent over the face with light patting movements. Most of the Kushons have a wet finish, because they contain mineral water. A cosmetic product applied in this way will last no problem on the skin throughout the day. It can be washed off with any available means for make-up.

Having weighed your expectations of this cosmetic product and its real possibilities, you can easily decide whether it will become a permanent inhabitant of your cosmetic bag or not.
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