Can I do make-up for a couple of minutes?

Applying cosmetics usually takes a lot of time. But can not this process be optimized? There are little tricks that help save time.

The right organization

Strangely enough, the storage of beauty products in the cosmetic bag does not always speed up the process of applying make-up. Remember how much time you spend looking for a lipstick of the right shade? And how long can it take to find a single eye shadow refill? When there is a lot of make-up, it makes sense to get a beauty case and spread out all the funds for individual sections. If the cosmetic collection is small, you can limit yourself to purchasing an organizer. With him, all means will be in sight and you will save time searching for the right one.

Cleaning accessories

If you regularly use makeup brushes or sponge, it is recommended to get a habit of washing them in the evening. You can do this immediately after the make-up. During the night they will have time to dry naturally, and you do not have to use wet wipes in the morning as a means for express cleaning.


Stage before applying cosmetics, which is associated with moisturizing the skin is permissible to miss, if the girl will do it the night before. To do this, just use the night cream.

Tonal means

The main secret of rapid application of any tonal means lies in the fact that it must match with the shade of your skin. Of course, the beauty product can "adjust" to your tone, but in this case, the process of feathering will take much longer. Try not to tone the face completely when there is no need. Choosing a foundation with a light enough consistency, you can replace it concealer.

Eyebrow shaping

Use a pencil for the eyebrows, and then to fix the unruly hairs, apply the gel? This approach is not suitable for rapid makeup. Optimum use of a shade gel for eyebrows. It works as a 2 in 1 tool. It makes the eyebrow color more vivid and reliably fixes. If you only need to increase the brightness of the natural shade, you can use eyebrow tint. It provides staining for several days.

Expressive look

In conditions of haste, you can neglect the flesh and shadows for the eyelids, but the expressiveness of the eye makeup will not suffer. Efficiency of the look can be given with the help of a black pencil of kayal. They can use girls with any color appearance.

Choose a lipstick

If you are in a hurry, stop using lipsticks, whose application is difficult. To them, first of all, bright shades (additionally you may need to draw a contour of lips with a pencil), matte textures (do not always lie flat on the skin if imperfections exist). Do not let in the rush of lipstick with the addition of a shimmer and lip gloss.

Bronzer and Highlighter

On contouring and stroking in the framework of rapid make-up can not speak. But the minimal correction can still be done with even one remedy. Palettes with many shades will have to be postponed and used for sculpting the face with a bronzer. They can identify the cheekbones and darken certain areas of the face. Hylater, as we know, serves for the opposite purpose. With it, you need to quickly give your skin radiance. Be sure to put it on the inner corners of your eyes, this is a great way to refresh your eyes.

The fewer cosmetic products you use, the faster you can make a make-up. Selecting universal beauty products that will emphasize natural beauty, remember that the skin condition has a big influence on the duration of make-up. Use tonal funds simply do not have to, if the face lacks imperfections.
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