Goodbye, cellulite! Methods to combat the

Cellulite is the cause of the suffering of most women. "Orange peel" on the hips disfigures the figure.

How to deal with cosmetic deficiency, which has long been considered a disease?

Urgent action.

Unfortunately, there are no fast-acting ways to get rid of cellulite. To defeat the enemy, it takes time, willpower and desire. And most importantly, a change in the way of life and work on yourself.

What promotes the appearance of cellulite?

Here are the main reasons.


Incorrect nutrition, smoking, alcohol abuse, coffee and diets are bad habits of women.

This load exudes the body. The person receives less vitamins and microelements. And dangerous substances for health - fats, sugar and salt, consumes in excess.

Working in the office

Working at a computer, walking in shoes at 5 cm high heels and above, the favorite posture of "foot on foot" when sitting leads to a violation of blood circulation. The superficial breathing changes abruptly, the outflow of lymph weakens, the work of the intestine slows down, and the liquid accumulates in one place.

So think a hundred times before sitting down in a soft chair, smoking a cigarette and absorbing an appetizing bun at ten o'clock in the evening, but will all this be good for your health?

Form healthy habits

Reconsider your own life. It does not place old habits. Follow the following tips.

Drink water

Water is the first ally in the fight against cellulite. It removes toxins from the body, leading to the formation of an "orange peel".

Daily use at least 1, 5 liters of water. For those people who suffer from swelling, the upper limit is 1 liter per day.

Lean on vegetables

Vegetables, raw and boiled, contain essential vitamins and minerals vital to man.

Use tomatoes. The skin will become firm and taut.

Include in the daily diet cabbage, tomatoes and eggplant. The skin will be fresh, youthful and supple. But do not dress vegetables with fatty sauces, vinegar and mayonnaise. Otherwise, get the opposite effect.

Eat meat, fish and eggs

Eat meat and fish, preferably low-fat varieties, as well as boiled eggs (1-2 pieces per week). These products satisfy hunger and prevent a set of excess weight.

Train in the hall

To maintain the health and elasticity of the skin, physical exercises are necessary. But, the sport itself will not get rid of cellulite.

Sign up for aqua aerobics or swimming. So you reduce the weight and fat content in the body. And also - enrich the tissues with oxygen.

Make cosmetic procedures

Home cosmetic procedures activate and normalize the metabolism, increasing the elasticity of the skin. Creams, oils and other products rub into problem areas with massage movements. Use a special brush-massager.

Refuse from harmful products

Yes, yes, yes, even though they beckon. In the priority - health, and not temptation to appease the appetite. What to do?

Say no to smoked and sweets

Do not eat smoked sausage, canned food and pork. Refuse from fat cheese, chips, sweets and flour products. These products will harm the hips and waist.

Limit spices

A healthy body does not store fat, creating sustainable barriers. Enzymes that are, for example, in dill and celery, weaken this protection. As a result, extra pounds are put on the waist. This creates a favorable environment for the appearance of an "orange peel" on the buttocks.

Do not overeat on the days of the monthly cycle

Often women in days of a monthly cycle indulge themselves with sweets. Such a period of unmotivated hunger lasts 2-3 days, when there is a lightning release of hormones.

At least in women's days, limit yourself to sweet. There is a risk of gaining extra pounds 2 times faster.

Pay attention to the behavior of your own organism at this time. After all, this "unnatural" overeating will lead to the formation of fat.

In order to achieve this goal, apply all the proposed methods in practice. Then the process of combating cellulite will become joyful and productive.

Stay slim and fit!
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