30 commandments of a woman by the age of 30

Only I was eighteen.

Ten freshmen - future doctors sat at a table in a small rented apartment and congratulated me on the age of majority. We felt so grown up, and at the same time, as in the palm of our hand, there was a bright future ahead.

In six months I'm thirty. The future is still on the palm of your hand. Maybe a little more alarming. Or maybe more conscious and real. The present has become more weighty and more valuable. And if I could return there on the anniversary of my eighteenth birthday, I would say to myself:


Health is the basis of everything

Health is the most important thing that you have, my dear. You do not think about illness at eighteen, but if you do not take care of yourself, they will become a reality by the thirties and will cloud your plans.

Regularly pass the main doctors and take tests. Therapist, gynecologist, dentist. Attend them once a year, or two. Even if nothing bothers you.

When you fly through life, you do not feel hunger. Your body is built solely from what you put in your stomach. Feed yourself well and regularly. No matter how slow you are, and how you do not want to break in chips or chocolate.

Your body is restored when you sleep. At your age, I did not sleep for two days and slept well for one day off per week. Now I can not afford it, but it's very easy for me to bring myself to sleep. Please, get enough sleep. Distribute the load evenly, and you will succeed.

Do not be a hero when you are not well. If you get cold - stay a couple of days at least not to sniff your nose for a week. If something bothers you, hammer on all plans and promises and go to the doctor. You are still young and easy to cope with everything. But to miss something that will seriously harm you is much easier than it seems.


You are the most beautiful

You're much prettier than you think. We are very critical of ourselves. You see every pimple, every line. And others see you all. And you are beautiful.

The three components of your beauty are cleanliness, grooming and a smile on your face. No stylish bow will take out dirty hair or smell from the mouth. No staining does not compensate for the hair ends that have been traced. And, finally, even the most calibrated image does not make sense, if you carry it into the world with a grim expression. Smile :)

Your body requires constant care. Ecology, stress, lack of vitamins - just wash and dry your face / hair / body is not enough. Regularly drink, moisturize and pamper yourself from the tips of your hair to the tips of your nails. Or then just milk or cream will not be enough.

Makeup is your weapon, which must be used wisely and according to purpose. Do not skimp on what you wear on your face. Smooth tone, healthy blush, perfect eyebrows and natural shine on the lips will make you fresh and rested every day. Evening make-up leave for the evening - it looks terrible in daylight.

Your body listens to your thoughts every second. If you constantly tell yourself that you are fat, ugly, awkward and terrible - it just can not become beautiful. Love for yourself is your chief cosmetician. But - you still need to find an excellent master.


You are what you eat

You do not need to starve, do not overeat. Eat regularly, varied, healthy and tasty. Drink pure non-carbonated water little by little, but constantly. And then you will not need any diets and unloading days. Skin, hair, nails and mood will also be grateful to you.

You need to eat at least five times a day. Otherwise, the body processes your last meal and begins to starve. You do not feel this, and the mechanisms, which for several thousand years, have already included the regime of storing fat from the next portion. Find the time, please. This is really important.

Do not throw yourself to extremes. The salad leaf and chicken breast can not supply you with everything you need. But chips with candies can not. Eat a varied, but useful. Potatoes and pasta, too, will benefit you if they are not flooded with overcooked oil and eaten at lunch with vegetables and protein.

Do not forget to have breakfast. If you do not eat in the morning, your body will eat muscles and store fat, so we are arranged. Poor state of health and lack of assortment is an unpleasant bonus to the lack of breakfast.

Eat after six. Your last meal should happen two or three hours before bedtime. It can be cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, seafood with vegetable salad. Do not eat after four fatty, carbohydrate and heavy.


Regular loads - a pledge of a beautiful body

Make friends with the workouts. Your body needs loads. You will become not only slimmer and more beautiful, but also stronger, more enduring, more flexible. You can do more - every day.

Choose your own. One likes the gym, the other - yoga or dancing, the third - boxing. Find workouts that you will go on with joy and anticipation.

Develop diversely. Do not just increase the buttocks and puff up your biceps, but become stronger, dexterous, fast, hardy and flexible. The balance of these qualities is the basis of your result.

Fatigue and pleasure - this is the final of every your training. If you crawl out of the hall, you feel nauseous, dizzy, broken or just not in the spirit - it's not your format. You came to make your body better, and not to wear it out. Overloads - the lot of professional athletes.

Find a specialist. If you do not know anything about fitness, start with the trainer. So you not only correctly build the process, but also avoid overtraining and injuries.


Love is your wings

Relationships are important. This is not the center of the universe and not the last in the list of achievements. It's important, but part of your life. Find some of your strength and time for them.

Know how to let in. If to you do not approach, it does not mean, that with you something not so. Men perfectly read our signals. If you are closed, severe, too focused, demonstratively self-sufficient - it does not fit. Even if he really wants.

Be able to let go. He is not the last hope and not the only one in the world. Even if you are now roaring sobs and your heart is about to burst with pain. Just believe. Relationships are the desires of two. The pain will go away. A new feeling will come. Do not tear yourself apart and keep your dignity. Yours will be with you.

Find a balance between altruism and selfishness. Be able to take and give equally. Hear it, read between the lines, go to meet, but do not forget about yourself.

Protect yourself. Let it become your wall, I sincerely wish you this. But only you can protect yourself from infections, from unwanted pregnancy, from stupidity under alcohol, from a company or places where you are uncomfortable and restless. Please, take care of yourself, no matter how dizzy your head is.

And finally

You - the main thing that you have

Pamper yourself. Give yourself small and big joys.

Be friends. But keep your personal space.

Know how to say no. Hear your inner voice, not your conscience and desire to please.

Call your parents. They are not eternal. Even if everything is not very good. Just be there, love and support, ask for advice. But - do not let me decide for myself.

Let yourself be happy. Every second. Happiness is in your head. Life is so long and so short. You are - and this is the occasion to be happy right now.
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