How to use SS-cream?

Until recently, BB-cream was considered a novelty. And now on the shelves of shops already appeared bottles with SS-creams. A typo? Of course not! These beauty products have different purposes.

What is SS-Cream?

It should be noted right away that it would be a mistake to carry out any parallels and compare the CC cream with BB cream. BB-cream at one time conquered many women, as a tonal with the most light and not felt on the skin texture. SS-cream is essentially an advanced proofreader. This is even indicated by the abbreviation - CC in the title means color correction. It levels the skin tone and makes imperceptible imperfections. If the skin problems are severe, the CC cream can be used as a supplement to the color corrector (it is selected depending on the type of imperfection). This beauty product has a light texture. It can be used for daily make-up. Take advantage of it when you need a basic correction, weightless coating and moisturizing.

What is the secret of efficiency?

This may seem surprising, but this type of proofreader contains many natural ingredients. The basis of the composition is sea water. Also in the list of ingredients from different manufacturers you can see the extract of green tea, vitamin E, macadamia oil. The presence of natural components avoids the effect of mask on the face when using a similar cosmetic product.

How to apply?

Small differences in the application of SS-cream are relevant for owners of different skin types. If you have dry skin, despite the moisturizing effect of this remedy, serum or a nourishing cream is recommended before applying. Holders of normal skin type may not use any additional funds before applying the SS-cream. For oily skin, SS-cream can replace the base for make-up.

Pros and cons of using

Veil coating of CC-cream does not clog pores. These creams contain clarifying components. Because of their presence, this cosmetic product can be used to control pigmentation. Unlike most tonal remedies, the SS-cream easily adapts to the natural shade of the skin. Do not guess with the tone will be very difficult. Beneficial distinguishes this cream from its brethren the ability to moisturize the skin, regardless of its type. In this case, there are no problems with the application - any cosmetic accessories will do. Another advantage that can be appreciated only in the summer heat is the presence of UV filters. They neutralize the negative impact of sunlight on the epidermis. High protection level 50 SPF is the norm for cosmetic products of this type. Resistance of the SS-cream allows you not to do make-up correction during the day.

The only significant drawback of this beauty-agent is its clarifying ability. In this regard, SS-cream can not be considered universal and not all women will be suitable.
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