Lettering: How do the letters turn into drawing?

Do you pay attention to the beautiful handwriting? Do you like unusual fonts? Perhaps in the list of your hobbies soon will be a new item. Lettering is rapidly gaining popularity. It's time to get to know him better!

What it is?

Many people mistakenly equate lettering to calligraphy. However, a beautiful inscription in calligraphy is achieved by gaining experience. For an inscription to correspond to strict rules of calligraphy, a person will need to make many samples and show considerable persistence in the pursuit of writing. Letthering implies a much more creative process. Of course, knowledge of existing fonts will not harm, but it is necessary to rely on your imagination first of all. With the help of the lettering, you can beautifully sign a greeting card or make a collage, having originally designed your favorite quote. Limitations on how the letters will look like does not exist. You can try to repeat existing inscriptions or come up with a font that will be endowed with unique elements.

Necessary accessories

One of the main advantages of this kind of creativity is that there are no strict requirements for materials. Drawing letters can be done with a pen, a marker, a liner, a brush-waterbrush and even an ordinary gel pen. Of course, working with each material has its own characteristics. For example, if you take a classic version of the lettering as a sample and try to write a couple of phrases with a gel pen, you'll have to work on the thickness of the descending lines to create the desired effect. The descending lines of each letter are directed downward. It will be necessary to add a thickness to them either on the left or on the right. To make the inscription beautiful, the thickness of the descending lines should be approximately the same. Pay attention to how the transitions (from the "thin" section of the line to the site with "thickening") are implemented in your words, it is desirable that they be the same.

Small tweaks of letting

At the preliminary stage of creating an inscription, you may need a pencil. It is needed not only to sketch a future composition. It is recommended that they draw on the paper three lines parallel to each other. Thus, creating a "write effect", it will be easier for you to adjust the height, width and slope of the letters. In the future, these lines can be erased with an eraser.

Varieties of lettering

The classic version of the lettering was already mentioned. He is the most sought after, but not the only one among the lovers of drawing letters. Also popular are fonts reminiscent of Slavic writing and Soviet style (he copies inscriptions on posters and various products of the Soviet era). Particular attention should be paid to the Gothic style. It is intricate, it often turns out to be supplemented with original vignettes. The inscription, made in any style, can be only a part of the composition on a sheet of paper - lettering does not prohibit to supplement its work with drawings and various decorative elements.

How to learn to draw beautiful letters?

You can learn about flying independently (books, teaching materials on the Internet) or enroll in specialized courses. This occupation has a noticeable anti-stress effect. For adults it will present peace and inner harmony, allowing for a short time to give up cares and everyday vanity. Children will be motivated to improve their own handwriting and invent original fonts.
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