What kind of father does a child need?

The rightly chosen father is already half the job in raising a child. But how to choose a spouse who would become an ideal dad - an example for children?

Family of a loved one

In the old days, there was a tradition that the parents of the bride and groom themselves agreed on the marriage of their offspring. And it is right. Attention was drawn to the family. If the parents were divorced or not at all, there would hardly be a desire to become related to such a family.

The reason is rather banal. A child from childhood observes the behavior of their parents, for their relationship to each other. And unwittingly copies them. This happens on an unconscious level. And to prevent similar behavior is almost impossible.
Do not raise a child - educate yourself.

Family is the main value in life

Now such traditions are coming to naught. There is freedom - in relationships, in marriage, in love. And at the same time, the number of divorces and broken children's hearts increases.
Therefore, friendly advice: before choosing a chosen one for life, take a closer look at the relationships within his family. If anything causes anxiety or fear, run flashing with heels!

Relationship to parents

Love, mutual affection is not everything. These are not determining factors for understanding how good a person is before you.

Grandparents are the best helpers for young parents

What should I look for when choosing a life partner? On his attitude towards his relatives - parents, grandmothers, grandfathers. Mutual respect, character and warmth of communication - all this is of great importance. It is necessary to understand that with a probability of 50% such a relationship will repeat in your own family.

Do you want the child to respect you? Respect your parents and parents! This will serve as his best example for the rest of his life.

Appearances are deceptive

Appearance is just genes. A person is truly determined only by actions. When choosing a life partner, you need to close your eyes to external data and pay attention to more important qualities - reliability, loyalty, respect and understanding. If they are present, you can be sure: a person will become a good parent.
A good father always loves and respects a woman who gave birth to a child.

Respect and understanding is more important than veal tenderness

Relationships and family life is always a lottery. You can never be 100% sure of a person. The only thing that is possible is to make an informed choice to love and care for a person. A loving married couple is a guarantee that children will take an example from them and in the future will create the same strong and integral family.
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