How to communicate with a man

Well, if a girl, a woman grew up in a full family, where she could constantly communicate with her father, grandfather, brothers. But, unfortunately, now often daughters are grown by single mothers, grandmothers, therefore, being in the company of men, they are lost, do not know how to behave, how to build a conversation. The fact is that representatives of the strong half of humanity have a slightly different psychology, and this must be taken into account.

Features of the male psyche

In women and men, the nervous system functions differently, which can not but react to the actions of hormones.
  1. Reaction to stress. If a woman is experiencing great stress, she wants to speak out, share her experiences. The man, on the contrary, tries to seclude himself in a difficult situation, avoids communication. When a woman tries to call him to talk, it can cause a scandal. It is best to leave him alone, give him time to reflect and start talking only after he calms down.
  2. The construction of speech, phrases. Men like to talk only about business, specifically, they use few adjectives. Often because of this, it seems that they are devoid of emotions. But this is not so. Men hide their sensitivity, but this does not mean that the situation does not touch them. Communicating with them, it is desirable to abandon a huge number of adjectives, descriptive words, or they may not understand the essence of the matter. If you need to throw out emotions, it's better to talk with your friends, and when talking to your man about no loud voice, plenty of gestures, expressive statements, otherwise the abundance of information will shock him.
  3. Focus on only one process. A woman can do several things at the same time: cooking soup, cooking the second, discussing something on the phone, feeding the cat, etc. But over the long years of evolution, the man has formed another mechanism. If a woman could, without hurrying, maintain a fire, raise children, the man needed to concentrate completely on hunting, since if food could not be obtained, it would be possible to die of hunger. This mechanism is still working. Scientists have found that men have a small number of connections between the left and right hemispheres, his brain is divided into departments. If a man is busy with one thing, you should not distract him, you can talk about a pressing problem later, when he already nails a shelf or ends up with a computer. He can not concentrate on several things at once. If you talk to him during shaving, chances are that he will cut, if you distract him, when he will nail the shelf, he will fall on his finger.
  4. Discussion of only one topic As well as with the cases, it is not necessary to be dispersed. If you are discussing something, focus on this. Remember that a man is arranged differently, he can discuss one thing, and jumping from one topic to another puts him in a dead end. Hence, there are many anecdotes about women's logic. If the topics of conversation are changed too often, a man may not understand what he is talking about and be indignant, or he will consider that if you moved so quickly from one topic to another, the first was irrelevant.
  5. Does not understand the hints. Women are often sure that if they share their experiences, they will tell what concerns them, men will immediately understand and do everything. Unfortunately, the strong half of humanity does not understand the hints. A man may think that you are simply describing a situation and nothing is required of him. So immediately say what and how to do. For example, do not tell me that the weather is good outside the window and it would be nice to ride a bicycle. Just ask to pump tires on your bike.

Secrets of communication with men

As we see, male psychology differs from female psychology. To establish relationships with the opposite sex, you must adhere to the following rules:
  1. Always speak directly, without hints and emotional details. If there are any wishes, they need to be voiced.
  2. Do not be rude. Men only seem insensitive, because they want to look strong and hide their experiences. He may not show, unlike a woman, that he is offended. But soon you will realize that he is emotionally closed, does not want to communicate with you.
  3. Do not pretend and do not lie. Often women try to be more attractive, so they hide their essence. But it's better to be yourself at once, because you can not lie for a long time, and it is possible that your man will be disappointed or even angry because of deception. It is better to look for someone who will appreciate you the way you are.
  4. Do not complain to him to get rid of emotional stress. Or, if you can not do this without you, tell them beforehand that you want to let off steam. Otherwise, he will interpret your words in his own way and can beat a noisy neighbor or buy up the entire confectionery department, despite the fact that you are on a diet. Therefore, it is better to warn in advance that you do not need advice or gifts, at the moment you are satisfied with everything, just want to cry to someone's vest.
  5. Do not often cause feelings of guilt or shame. Men hardly endure these feelings and can really make concessions. But they avoid women who too often make them feel, so sooner or later they will abandon such a wife or a bride.
  6. More often tell him that he is the best. Men like to be meaningful and chosen. If you constantly repeat that he is the most intelligent and handsome, over time he will feel that way. But if he initially understated self-esteem, then this admiration may seem insincere.
  7. Help him to feel strong. Words are one thing, but no less important are the actions. Create situations in which your chosen one will feel that he is a real macho. Ask to spend you in the evening to the house or hang a shelf. A strong woman, who herself solves all problems, will rather alienate the man, rather than attract him.
  8. It is important to be able to defend your opinion, but avoid stubbornness. Do not completely obey the strong sex, even if you are already a husband and wife. When a woman has an opinion, defends him, argues, does something in defiance, a man awakens the instinct of a hunter. But, on the other hand, constant obstinacy, when a woman is indifferent to the opinion of men, constantly conflicts with him and argues, does not strengthen, but destroys relations. He leaves her alone without a twinge of conscience, since she is so clever and knows everything herself. A man wants to take care of a woman, to bear responsibility, and he is pleased when his opinion is considered.
  9. Maintain and take care of it, but not as a mother, that is, do not control it and do not read lectures, but show interest in its affairs, and do not forget about your life.
  10. Do not constantly reproach him. The accusations are not constructive, the man will close, he will start to defend himself. It is better just to show that you are upset with the situation. It is desirable to immediately tell him that you are upset, but leave him the right to choose, that is, not to take promises from him and force him to do anything.
Male psychology is not that complicated, it's just different from female psychology. This should be remembered by building relationships. Then you will have full mutual understanding.
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