Coloring and blond hair - your new hairstyle

In the last few years, hair coloring using sophisticated technologies has become increasingly popular. They were called ombre, bronning, coloring and blinding. However, paradoxically as it may sound, the main purpose of this coloring is to make the hair as natural as possible. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to implement these techniques on their own. In order that the result really pleased, you should go to the hairdresser.

The essence of this coloring by the principle of coloring is that the strands of hair are painted in different shades, at least three. As a base tone can be taken natural hair color. Most often in the technique of coloring, contrasting coloring pigments are used, for example, light brown, blond, chocolate, red or red. If you take more similar colors, then the dyed hair will mix, and the result will not be so noticeable.

With coloring, the technology of blonding is somewhat similar. They are ideal for those women who want to lighten their hair, but are afraid to do it radically. Best blonding is suitable for ladies with light or blond hair from nature. For brunettes this technique will be ineffective.

Blonding allows you to create a non-uniform hair color, and natural light reflections, which cause others to think about the fact that such hair color is natural.

There are several techniques of blonding: Scandinavian point, strainer, zik-zag, cord. Scandinavian point in what is similar to ombre. The vertex in this case is painted in cold shades, and the tips of the hair are warmer. The transition must be smooth.

Staining, called "string", allows you to create bright sunlight on your hair. In order to dye the hair in this technique, each strand is wound onto a tourniquet and painted only on its outer side. As a result, each strand turns out to be unevenly colored. Especially good this blonding looks on curled hair.

The technique of "strainer" allows you to make your hair more voluminous. The optical effect can be achieved by brightening the middle part of the hair and toning the ends and roots.

Despite the fact that blonding and coloring are gentle enough procedures, they still negatively affect the condition of the hair. After the procedure, dyed hair requires additional care.
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