How to save your vision

Eyes are one of the main senses with which we perceive the world around us.

We will be prudent and will try to protect what nature has given us.

Useful tips for every day

  • When reading, keep the reading device at a distance no closer than thirty centimeters from your eyes. Every hour, you need to perform 10-15 physical breathing exercises.
  • Work in the evening (read and write) is necessary when the general (upper) light is turned on; and on the left (for right handed) or on the right (for the left-hander) a 60-watt table lamp is required.
  • When watching TV, stay away from the screen at a distance no closer than three meters. The total time it takes to "shorten" the TV better is also to a minimum.
  • The eye, which has a higher degree of myopia, should be trained somewhat longer than the other.
  • Walking in the fresh air accompany the training of sight: consider objects that are far from you.
  • It is useful to include dairy products, vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Good for a view of fresh carrots with sour cream or sunflower oil and blueberries in fresh form and in the form of pharmacy concentrate.
  • Attention! Of all forest berries, only blueberries in frozen form do not retain their useful properties. It is better to dry it for these purposes.
  • To maintain eye health, do not forget to include spinach, salmon and sardines in the obligatory diet.
  • In the mandatory list: eggs, turkey, pumpkin, broccoli, zucchini, cabbage, lettuce, nuts, citrus and spicy herbs. Particular attention for the preservation of sight deserves parsley and celery.

Gymnastics for the eyes

Any muscles become flabby if they are not trained. Eye muscles also require attention to themselves - they need to be periodically subjected to physical exercise - "pumping".
  • "Electrophoresis for the eyes." Heat the palms with rubbing against each other. Put hot palms on your eyes for a couple of minutes.
  • "Promo". Quickly blink 20-30 times.
  • "Watch, closing your eyes." The eyes are closed, we "look" to the right and left 10 times.
  • Circular motion of the eyes: with closed eyes 10 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise.
  • Cut the pupils of the open eyes to the nose (10 times).
  • "With tension" raise your eyebrows, and then relax (10 times).
  • Standing near the window, carefully consider a well-visible close object (for example, a branch of a tree), and then look at distant objects.
  • "Letter to the nose." With closed eyes, write something in the air (for example, your name and patronymic).

Secrets of the American Indians

  1. The head is fixed in a stationary state, only the organs of vision are involved in the work: we will follow the hand moving in different directions, the fingers of which are clamped. Manipulation lasts two minutes.
  2. In a spacious room, turn your back on the wall and "freeze" in this pose, looking down the vertical from corner to corner. For each pair of angles, at least 50 repetitions are required.
  3. Three seconds to contemplate the source of bright light (except electrical). For this purpose, the flame of a candle, the setting sun is more suitable. After this time, let the eyes rest, covering them with the palm of your hand. It takes 15 repetitions.
  4. Starting position: lower extremities in the form of a printed letter L, upper at the waist. Sharp rotation of the head to the sides, we look along the motion. Perform 40 repetitions.
  5. Look at the world with open eyes, squint them, and then completely close. It is necessary to repeat 40 times or more.
  6. Concentrate on 10 seconds at a distant object outside the window. Then translate it into your palm. And so 15-20 times.
  7. Dampen the hands well under the tap and splash water in the closed eyes.
Everyone understands that it is easier to envisage the appearance of a problem than to solve it, but in practice they forget about it.

In terms of vision, the Comanche methods should be adopted: they take care of vision at a stage where it is without flaw, and the baby is three more years old.

Because any point on the horizon, Indian hunters see as a specific person and another object.
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