Love yourself and be happy

The paradox of the theme of self-love is that usually women think about self-dealing, only having lost a husband, close friends or seriously quarreling with relatives. Until then, extremely attentive to the surrounding representatives of the fair sex do not think too much that they make the mistake of the main thing: they do not accept themselves.

Do not bring the situation to the limit. Honestly answer yourself, do you like what is happening now with your life? Do men deserve you? Are there any serious conflicts with loved ones? If you get from the world is not quite what you would like, most likely, the reason is that you do not love yourself enough.

The origins of the problem

Usually the trouble begins with what inspire a false attitude: "To love yourself is selfishness." She is allowed to love anyone: parents, husband, children. Caring for others gradually becomes the meaning of life, and for itself there is almost no time left. In the end, we get what we see in plenty - a lot of unhappy women.

They constantly feel tired and depressed, but do not appreciate themselves, and therefore do not allow themselves to rest. Time after time these women indulge others, and their desires are left for later. Strangely enough, this relationship with those who are trying to please, only spoil more and more.

How to start loving yourself?

Right now, not after cooking dinner for her husband, washing children, calling mom, not tomorrow or Monday, get out and give yourself half an hour. During this time you will write a list of what pleases you, from 30 points. It can be trivia like "walking hour alone on the waterfront." Or costly activities such as "devote the whole day to shopping with a professional stylist." Have you finished? Now draw next to this list two bars:
  1. In the first - write, when you last did it.
  2. In the second - when you promise yourself to do it.
The maximum time that is given is a month. And one of the items must be fulfilled today. You will surely feel something started to change for the better.

Do not stop halfway

The described exercise can not be done once and forgotten. Continue to please yourself every day at least for a month, using the list, until taking care of yourself will not become a habit for you.

Do you know what is the main disadvantage of all short trainings about happy relationships? While women are in an atmosphere of acceptance, where others understand them, they let you speak out, make compliments, they again begin to love themselves. Returning to everyday life winged, for a while they remain in a fine mood, achieve success in everything they undertake. And then old habits are turned on, old friends are pulled down, self-confidence gradually disappears, and women make one of two conclusions:
  • "Trainings are complete nonsense";
  • "I'll go to the training one more time to recharge."
That the one that the other does not lead to happiness and true love for oneself.

Stop blaming yourself

Take care of yourself as much as possible and do not think that you are doing this to the detriment of loved ones. Just the opposite. If you miserably indulge the desires of everyone around, your children, your husband, your parents will suffer. If you really want them happiness, first of all, love yourself. Every day, find the time to please yourself. After all, it depends on you the atmosphere in the house and the relationship in the family.
Do not skimp on your own health, sports and even beauty. Open the closet and evaluate objectively: do you need the tenth dress of your daughter or the third - you?

Do not spare the time! No dessert for dinner, no one dies, it's better to lie in a bath with foam instead of excess cooking.
Do first of all your desires, start with trivialities. Gradually, you sincerely love yourself and attract the appropriate attitude of others.
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