Wavy Parrot: Care and Content

A budgerigar is a kind, bright creature that can become a true friend and a full member of the family. But how to make the right choice and not lose with the purchase of a pet? How in the future should he take care of him? About this and the other in the article.

Choosing a parrot: a boy or a girl?

Why are males in high demand? There is an opinion that they are much better at talking. And it is true. Girls are more mobile, more often a little aggressive.

Feathered joy is a joy for the host.

We equip the cell

Lodge for a feathered pet is better to choose more. It must have the following components:
  • container for feed;
  • for sand;
  • chalk scattered on the bottom of the cage;
  • various toys, swings, perches;
  • mirror (optional).

Where to place the cage?

"Lodge" for birds can not be placed in rooms with high humidity (bathroom and kitchen). Good ventilation and moderate ultraviolet light - indirect sunlight is necessary.

The owner's love is the guarantee of good health of the parrot

Many owners leave cages or aviaries on the balcony between April and October. Thus, you can not worry about the deficiency in a pet's home vitamin D. However, in such conditions, the bird still needs to be protected from excessive wind and overheating. There were times when a parrot, being on the balcony, received a sunstroke.

Feed: dry and wet

To the parrot lived a long, full life and pleased its owners with excellent health, it is necessary to take care of the full diet of the feathered pet.

The basis of dry food should be millet. Also parrots can be given the following vegetables and fruits:
  • courgette;
  • beets;
  • cabbage;
  • pieces of apples.
Dill greens, parsley, celery are not contraindicated.
In the diet of a wavy parrot, protein food may be present. It can be cottage cheese or grated egg boiled.

Complete sleep

To the bird was healthy and energetic, it should sleep well. Otherwise, the pet will be sluggish and inactive.

A parrot is a pet who loves the company very much

For a day the bird should sleep about 10-11 hours. Every day, the owner at about the same time should cover the cage with a breathable, opaque tissue. Over time, the pet accustoms to perceive this action, as a signal to go to sleep.

The grossest errors in care

There are some mistakes that are best avoided. These include:
  1. The content of the bird with the cat.
  2. Unbalanced, monotonous food.
  3. Permanent presence in the cage.
The parrot is able to become a full member of the family and a good friend for many years.
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