5 myths about divorce or how not to become a victim of depression

It's embarrassing to be divorced, a woman does not have to live alone, the children need a father, a divorce is worse than death-all these statements have been heard repeatedly by every girl throughout her life. Suggestion has a truly terrible power.

Despite a lot of disproving information - women continue to suffer. Stereotypes inherent from a young age make you afraid of divorce and experiencing heavy emotions, in case it happened.

Divorce is a shame

The right to part with the spouse was always resolved by the church and the state in ancient Russia. For this, there were compelling reasons, such as:
  • adultery;
  • attempt on the murder of the second half;
  • infectious disease;
  • incapacity of one of the pair.
In any of the above cases, to obtain permission to divorce, evidence was required.

A woman convicted of treason or another sin could not build relationships in the future. There was a certain brand on it, which was put by the society of those times. Illiterate and close-minded people, without going into historical details, have borne their verdict - the divorcement should be ashamed.

In our time, for the dissolution of marriage enough mutual consent. And it is not necessary to devote others to the affairs of the family. If it so happens that the only way out is to get the most out of freedom.

Lonely woman - unhappy woman

The roots of the statement also grow from the depths of history. Previously, marriage was a necessity. The man was the breadwinner, breadwinner and protection.

Now the weaker sex is wonderful working women who can feed themselves and their children.

The state can take care of the protection. Automation of routine domestic affairs, leaves a sufficient amount of time for self-development.

The modern world gives a lot of opportunities to be self-sufficient and happy. Divorce is life from a clean slate, which can become much better than the previous one.

Children need a father

The statement with which one can not disagree. Children need both parents - happy and contented with life. If mutual existence becomes a burden, one should not live "for the sake of children." Scions are unlikely to appreciate it. They will suffer, just as the parents suffer.

A self-sufficient and loving mother will give a lot more to her children than a woman bent under the weight of stupid obligations.

Divorce is an occasion to become happy and to teach your children to enjoy life.

Divorce is a serious stress for the body

In psychology, the concept of stress is not something terrible. This is the usual reaction of the psyche to change. The more serious the change is, the more the organism needs the forces to adapt. A person experiences anxiety when:
  • moving to a new place of residence;
  • change of work;
  • the birth of a child.
Even the decision to have a dog causes some concern. With a certain attitude, the desire to change life will only benefit. Often, to become happy, you need to get out of the comfort zone.

Divorce leads to depression

Another stereotype that somehow took root in society for granted. For many couples, divorce is just the way to get out of a state of depression that lasts for years without recourse to a specialist.

With the beginning of a new life, the body's forces are realized that help to release the necessary hormones to adapt to new conditions and are able to defeat any depression.

In order not to become a victim of stereotypes, it is necessary to remember:
  • a woman should be happy;
  • all that is happening in life is the experience necessary for development;
  • often, the events that bring pain carry great changes for the better;
  • the opinion of others is not worth the attention.
A woman gives life, takes care of children, feels and knows the unknown. If married life brings only pain and frustration, a divorce is necessary. It is important to understand - this is not the end, but a new round in such a changeable life.
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