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Of course, the main place in the house is the bedroom. Feng Shui is given special attention to it, because here we are freed from the negative, rest, gaining strength. The wrong situation in the room leads to an imbalance of live energy flows, which affects the overall atmosphere in the room. To improve sleep, to call into your life health, happiness and success, listen to the advice of specialists on feng shui.

Location of the room

If possible, arrange the bedroom in a quiet place, away from the toilet, kitchen and hallway. The room does not have to be through or adjacent, this will cause quarrels and conflicts in the couple.

The ceiling in the bedroom

The ceiling must be perfectly level, without beams or slopes. The location of the bed under the beam leads to health problems and a lack of money. If you can not change the layout, think about installing a false ceiling.

Mirror ceiling in the bedroom of the couple leads to disagreement and betrayal, so experts recommend refraining from such design decisions.

Bed in the bedroom by Feng Shui

The bed should be strong, reliable and stable. If there is free space under it, do not clutter it with boxes, suitcases or things. This hinders the advancement of the "qi" energy in the room. The mattress must be integral, as a symbol of the integrity and inseparability of a married couple.

Principles of placing a bed in the bedroom:

  • it is desirable that the head is directed to the wall;
  • between the headboard and the wall there should be no batteries;
  • If the head is directed to the window, always close the curtains at night;
  • in the "lying" position, your legs should not be directed to the door;
  • passages to the head of the bed should be open on both sides;
  • Do not push the bed to the wall behind which the plumbing is located.
Ideally, when the bed is parallel to the door, and its headboard is adjacent to a flat wall.

Direction of the head of the bed, depending on their needs:

  • North-West - for a wealthy couple who have been married for more than 2 years;
  • Eastern - for newlyweds looking for harmony in relationships;
  • northern - for the elderly, attracts health and youth (not suitable for depressed and lonely individuals);
  • southern - for loving and passionate personalities;
  • Western - attracts joy, but, at the same time, financial difficulties are possible;
  • southeast - promotes career growth and development of personal business.
Do not put a bed on the south-west and north-east side of the room, if you do not want to constantly experience unrest and unreasonable anxieties.

Strangely enough, but the form of the headboard of the bed on feng shui plays an important role in the quality of sleep, rest and sex life. It is a symbol of protection of intimate feelings from extraneous interference.

The forms of the backs symbolize:

  • semicircular or oval - diversity in sex, enrichment;
  • triangular - passion, restless sleep;
  • wavy - good good sleep, calm in intimate life;
  • rectangular - the sexual attraction between lovers, loyalty.

Curtains in the bedroom

Give preference to soft curtains in the bedroom. They will attract romance and family comfort into the relationship.

Experts do not recommend to put on the window of the room for sleeping blinds. It is believed that this accessory carries the energy of the illness to the sleeper.

Mirror of Feng Shui

One of the main interior items, which is practically in all rooms - a mirror. By feng shui, it is strictly not recommended to install it in the bedroom opposite the bed. A person, reflected in the mirror during sleep, will wake up tired and broken in the morning.

Reflective surfaces are not recommended to be installed opposite the doors leading to the bedroom.

Feng Shui one-room apartment

It does not matter if you live in a one-room apartment, and want to follow the recommendations of Feng Shui. In this case, divide the room into zones: active and passive. In the first, spend time wakeful, and in the second you sleep. Split zones can be a screen, partition, and also visually, using different wallpapers and carpets.

General recommendations

The bedroom is a place for sleeping, so try not to litter it with unnecessary objects or furniture.

Follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not place large tanks of water in the room;
  • do not work lying in bed;
  • Check that the corners of the furniture or sharp objects are not directed to the side of the bed;
  • Take out of the bedroom extra equipment, including TV and computer;
  • do not leave the phone on nearby during the rest;
  • do not force the room with more plants.
If you dream of drawing love into your life, replace single items with paired ones, or select couples available. Remove the photos of blood relatives and friends from view, free the bed from extra pillows, leave an empty space in the closet. And most importantly - feel the harmony within yourself, and soon it will fill all the spheres of your life.
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