Monodiettes are vain hopes?

Many women in their desire to lose weight pay attention to a variety of diets, including monocomponent. Mono diets are diets that involve the use of one product over a period of time. As products for weight loss are often offered: rice, kefir, buckwheat, cabbage. Is there efficacy from such diets? Will they benefit or, conversely, harm?

Let's analyze the most popular mono-diets:

1. Unloading days

One of the least dangerous mono-diet is the unloading days. Arranging several times a week kefir or apple days, a woman will not harm the body. The main thing is that on the following days after the unloading, do not attack the food to avoid stomach problems.

2. A Weekly Diet

Usually a mono-diet lasts 7 days, much less often - a month, but it is very cruel to yourself. Given a limited number of calories and vitamins, there may be disruptions in the body. This manifests itself in the form of apathy, weakness and reduced efficiency. Curd mono-diet disrupts the exchange of calcium in the human body, and rice - adversely affects the gallbladder and promotes the formation of stones in it.

Alternating products

In mono-diet, in addition to the main product, there may be several more meat or vegetable dishes. This creates the illusion of contrast. For example, you drink kefir for 4 days, and the remaining three - eat meat. Or a day in addition to cottage cheese, include more vegetables. Despite the use of various foods during a diet, the body loses the required amount of macronutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is necessary to drink multivitamin complexes, in order to restore balance.

Weight loss with mono-diet is mainly due to loss of muscle. And this lowers the metabolic rate. With the normalization of nutrition, all the calories that have been ingested will be processed into fat, gaining the stock for a new hunger strike. It is because of this that the weight will again begin to grow and may exceed what was before the mono-diet.

It is important to remember that such diets are unbalanced. After all, there is no product that contains all the vitamins, polyunsaturated fats, proteins and carbohydrates. And also such a low-calorie food. To type the necessary quantity of calories from one product is unreal. Harm from such a diet will manifest in the form of slowing metabolism and affect the appearance.

This is especially noticeable with a low-protein diet.

After such a monocomponent diet, a person is in an even worse state than before. After all, to excess weight, health problems are added.

The main disadvantages are mono-diet. Conclusion

The main disadvantages are:
  • imbalance
  • low calorie, metabolic slowdown, loss of muscle mass
  • depression from newly returned kilogram
The conclusion is one - mono-foods bring irreparable harm to health. If you walk more, do not overeat, play sports, then after a while in the mirror, a slim and cheerful woman will be reflected.
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