Check-list: What to take in a hike?

Going on a hike, and it seems that everyone has already taken with them and foreseen? Look at the checklist, compiled from the advice of Bear Grylls.


Special set of dishes on the hike has not yet been invented, so take what you think is just necessary. Obviously, the spoon, the fork, the plate (preferably a bowl) and the folding knife will not be superfluous. The best choice is to choose plastic dishes, it will cost several times cheaper, and places will require less in the bag.


Going on a trip in an unfamiliar area, it will not be superfluous to take with you a compass, maps and, if possible, a navigator. Are you planning to rent a car? Then to search for GPS it will not be necessary, it, as a rule, is applied to each car.

First Aid Kit

Take care of the first aid. So, it will be superfluous to be an analgesic, antipyretic, and also a plaster, bandages and a jar of hydrogen peroxide.

Protective equipment

To the sun and mosquitoes did not spoil the impression of the hike, grab a spray from mosquitoes, sunglasses and cream, as well as any summer hat (hat, bandana, panama). Without them, well, absolutely nowhere.

Additional useful things:

  • Hygiene products
  • Towels
  • Wipes
  • Set for cleaning teeth
  • Flashlight
If you are going to make a mini-test of survival from your hike, then do not use the advice from Bear Grylls. According to him, there are three things that will allow you to return home safe and sound from any campaign:
  1. Waterproof bag (raincoat). Dry things, perhaps, are the most important attribute of any journey.
  2. A few pairs of warm socks and gloves. In excessively cold weather, they will protect your fingers from freezing.
  3. A small piece of tarpaulin. An irreplaceable thing, even for any disaster. In the heat tarpaulin will give a shadow, but in the rain will provide a reliable roof.
Well, you are ready to go. It remains only to gather a good company and a great mood! And what do you always take with you?
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