How not to lose when buying a car?

Probably not the first in the list of cases after entering the level of stable average earnings is the purchase of a car. However, many girls are lost when it comes to buying a car. And it's easy to understand. Enterprising dealers and car dealers know a lot of tricks to force you to conclude a transaction that is unfavorable to you. Here are some tips that will help you not to fall for the bait.

1) Surely leave, if you do not like the price

The salon salesman will keep you all the forces when you want to leave, asking you additional questions. Answer simply: "Before making a purchase, I would like to see other options."

2) Prefer a car loan to dealer financing

Often, the manager in the showroom offers the client himself to name the amount of the monthly payment. It is profitable to calculate it almost unreal, so use a car loan, which makes it possible to choose a favorable rate.

3) Refuse from imposed services

When buying an auto dealer can offer you a choice of one of three tariff plans: silver, gold or platinum. In each of them there may be options that you absolutely do not need. Do not be afraid to abandon all the options offered to you.

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