Business Ideas: 5 Ways to Increase Sales

Bring feminine wisdom and attention to detail in the conduct of your business. In this article, you can find 5 ideas on how to increase business profits and increase customer satisfaction. After all, do not forget: keeping a client is always cheaper than attracting a new one.

1) Long working schedule

This is more effective a few days before the holidays, but we can not fail to mention this useful thing. As a rule, most people buy presents at the last moment and do not always have time to buy the right thing. Extend the schedule for at least an hour, and you get a lot more customers, you'll see.

2) Gifts

Congratulate your customers with a small, but pleasant and preferably useful gift. Many shops, for example, give buyers small silver pendants - it would seem: well, who needs these incubator pieces? But behind them are real lines, and people specifically buy more goods to get a fairly inexpensive trinket.

3) Customer service

Make for your visitors a festive table: sweets, tangerines, canapes, tartlets, coffee, tea, hot chocolate - all this will attract more people. A person is so arranged that it will be uncomfortable to treat him and at the same time not to buy anything, so expect that your visitors will make you a profit that will more than cost the deliciousness.

4) Decoration or packaging of purchases

Goods that carry the spirit of the holiday will be bought more willingly. Make it so that it is associated with the New Year, and everyone will specially come after him on the eve of the holiday and after it. Remember, for example, "Coca-Cola," whose New Year caravans are provoking consumers year after year to buy bottles with a drink to the table.

5) Informing

Whichever marketing chip you come up with, you need to inform it informatively. Send sms to your customers with information about when and where your shares will be held and other things that are pleasant for the buyer. Placing such information on your website or on a social network page is, of course, also good, but not the fact that they will come to you to read it. A sms or personal message with a high degree of probability will reach the client.

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